Under Mom’s Tum!

I know it’s a re-run, but I couldn’t help it. Thank you, the innertubes.


  1. under mom’s tum!
    a ‘guin who, once had me down
    under mom’s tum!
    a ‘guin who once pushed me around
    it’s down to me
    the way he waddles when he’s spoken to
    the change has come,
    he’s under mom’s tum!

  2. Crazy Pants says:

    WELL DONE!!!!

  3. *blush*
    thanks guys

  4. lisaLassie says:

    Super bravo!!!!

  5. Waves lighter/cell phone/whatever in the air.

  6. *applauds enthusiastically, jumps and cheers*

  7. skippymom says:

    First comment and you have already won the thread!

  8. The father takes care of the egg while the mother goes to sea to eat. After the baby hatches, they take turns.

  9. I was just reading about penguins this morning, and at least the Emperor penguins, the mom and dad take both care of them in turns.

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    And on top of Mom’s feetsies!

  11. i was going to call matchingks on the feets. and then call the big-thing-little-thing rule. and then call it a day.

  12. All covered with freeze, I lost my poor snowball when somebody sneezed…

  13. oh good lord, that’s cute!

    kind of like Boo’s round leetle hayd!

  14. Hey! I thought this character looked familiar!

  15. Whoops! —

  16. Absolutely Flabulous!

  17. Crazy Pants says:

    I just love (and live) Ab Flab.

  18. I am also a card carrying member of Ab Flab,

  19. Me, too. :(

    I skinny everywhere else, but oh, that Ab Flab.

  20. No comment about myself, but my cat Eddy is president of the Ab Flab club.

  21. Um, could be dad’s tum too if that’s an emperor penguin. :P

  22. My ovaries hurt.

  23. Depends on breed. Emperor; the dad takes over completely…Just sayin’.


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