Friday Haiku: On Hop of the World

Ribbiting peeper

Amphibian bug zapper

Or enchanted prince

Brian G. says this is a Dendropsophus ebraccatus. Or, hourglass tree frog!


  1. little sticky paw on the right is raised as he casts his vote for “prince”

  2. He’s so teensy!

  3. Not only is this an example of Rule of Cuteness #1 but it also proves the first law of Cute Dynamics which states that a body’s cute factor is inversely proportionate to its size. In other words, the smaller it is, the cuter it is.

  4. phred's mom says:

    I can’t wait to see a paramecium post on CO
    if this rule is valid.

  5. Oh, don’t put it at them. NOMTOM will find a scanning, tunneleing microscope and then won’t you feel silly!

  6. The new FBI
    print identification
    system is a frog!

  7. Would that be a prints prince?

  8. 260Oakely says:

    Stealth attack of Cute
    Sneaks up from behind, says “Boo”
    Then tip-toads away

  9. I’ll give you a smooch
    then my prince will appeareth
    hopping together

  10. “uhh, my crown fell off…
    yeah, that’s the ticket, fell off.
    I can haz kees now?”

    (apologies to John Lovitz, Christie Brinkley, & SNL)

  11. Yay!

  12. Why, yes, since you asked,
    I *can* breathe through my skin, if
    You know what I mean.

    With no apologies whatsoever to ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

  13. Loved that show! (Clive rules!)

  14. Sigh! It’s not easy
    Being mottled copper, and,
    Believed to cause warts.

  15. Am I psychedelic,
    Or is that my toad cuz? One
    Way to find out!

  16. Autumn-crisp frostwinds
    Drive geese V’s south, burn leaves red,
    Silence peepers ’til spring.

  17. dagnabbit!
    ‘*Hush* peepers ’til spring’

  18. phred's mom says:

    Excellent either way, Dub.

  19. Hoo, boy! Am I pithed!
    Drank too much formaldehyde
    And woke up top here!

  20. “dagnabbit” dubyah
    your haiku skills surpass all
    we bow to your crown

  21. Aww, shucks, [toe scuffage], thanks! But HaiCute is only fun with others: see, it all started with Pyrit and Tracylee, from comic frogs to Kermit to cane toads to frat boys to traditional seasonal refs.
    ‘Tis the site, peeps and Overlords wot am the inspiration :-) and not a competition [‘cept when I can’t count syllables: dagnabbit! ;-) ]

  22. When a fingerprint
    is a unit of measure
    it is really small.

  23. Mme Stewart's Grade 4/5 Class says:

    Three haikus written by my grade 5 students:
    Yes I am a frog
    I’m so small on this finger
    And I just love it!

    I am a cute frog
    I like to sit on fingers
    I am lots of fun!

    I’m a real cute frog
    i am awesome like you
    i love finger food

  24. Have #3 send us a resume.


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