Some Days Are Rough

Like when you accidentally drop your lunch on the floor in front of all of your co-workers, so you can’t even five second rule it.

Or when you trip over a shoe that totally wasn’t there last night on your way out the door and rip your pants.

Or when someone blocks the whole aisle with their stinking shopping cart impeding your forward motion, making you ground-stomping angry.

Those are the days you need a little sloth.

The rage is beginning to leave, Drew D.

Feeling like things are looking up some, Bradley Ireland Productions and Sloth Sanctuary!

Breath is slow and easy, now, Phillie Casablanca.

Happy thoughts are replacing the gloom, hotshotjen.

And now, zen has been achieved, gmnomic.



  1. Confession: Remember the picture of a baby sloth hugging a stuffed giraffe that appeared in the “fancy dress party” post a while back? Well, I saved it to my desktop at work, and I stare at it whenever I am stressed out and/or overcome by corporate desk monkey ennui. I can attest that Baby Sloth Therapy is indeed effective!!!

  2. Helloooo Mod Lounge. Are there sloths in the lounge today? I need me some baby sloth action.

  3. yep yep, def. got my blood pressure down

    this post came at just the right time, too… work work work

  4. I would like to watch a show about a village of sloths. I would like this village to comprise all varieties of sloths, including two-toed, three-toed, and little baby ones. It might have to be an animated show. (I’m picturing something in the style of Little Bear.) Nick Jr., can you make this happen, please?

  5. maryberry says:

    OMG i’ve always been a crazy cat lady, but now i’m feeling a little slotherized… 🙂

  6. fleurdamour says:

    Feliz is quite fuzzular.

  7. Ahhh Deep cleansing Breaths… I feel much better now! Slothy goodness.

  8. T…h…a…n…k… Y…o….u.

  9. I was thinking, all the way down, “sloths are so zen…” Then I see the last line. Weird little coinkydink, ain’t it? 🙂

  10. I -am- having a very rough day. Unfortunately, I find sloths more creepy than cute. 😦

  11. I need a little sloth every day.

  12. Crazy Pants says:

    OH NO! Creepy feeling are not condusive to relaxation and states of zen. How about this: or maybe this: I hope these bring comfort!

  13. Crazy Pants says:

    That should be creepy feelings.

  14. Crazy Pants says:

    GET OUT OF MY BRAIN! Or, if you are gonna stay a while, could you help me clean up a bit?

  15. As an aspiring writer, the only thing I would love more than watching this hypothetical show would be to be involved in the production.

  16. Never been in someone’s brain before… Where would you like me to clean up first?

  17. I think you should start outlining a script, Starfish.

  18. Crazy Pants says:

    Perhaps the cobwebs in the corners. I can never reach them. You are very kind to clean up. Please don’t be too alarmed by what you see in there.

  19. You keep saying you’ve got something for me.
    something you call lunch, but confess.
    You’ve been feedin’ who you shouldn’t-a been feedin’ (Yeah)
    and now some other sloth gets all your best.

    These boots are made for slothin’, and that’s just what they’ll do
    one of these days these boots are gonna sloth all over you

    [dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-Womp. Womp.]

  20. If I looked at a sloth every day of the week I would be guilty of the Seven Deadly Grins.

  21. I can’t even express how smitten I am with sloths.

  22. Crazy Pants says:


  23. that moment when you realize…that’s…a…finger…

  24. “I iz NOT dedlee sin!!!”

  25. I like the three toed sloths. Thems very cute. But I would actually give a kidney to be able to cuddle a two toed sloth. Le sigh!

  26. OMG I call the chubby sloth with the melon!

  27. is that mateo with the coconut?

  28. I would like the last one, the one in the white the plastic box, please.

  29. I have escaped the Mod Lounge! HOORAY!

  30. Oh gosh.

  31. I’ll take both plus the melon

  32. Alice Shortcake says:

    Yup. ‘My Little Pony’, only with…sloths.

  33. thelittlemyrmidon says:

    No matter how cute the faces, I find those long claws scary.

  34. Zeya Beetle Wagner, I was thinking that the coconut sloth is either Mateo or Harpo! I miss these guys ❤

  35. me too!!