First Snorgle

I walked her home from the playground. We were chatting. It was getting late. I knew I should go. Then, she looked at me with her amazing brown eyes. I felt my heartbeat racing. We hesitated, then, it happened.

Sweet smoochers via redditer MayanCountry.



  1. emmberrann says:

    Awww. Besties 4ever. Or at least until college.

  2. Beasty-besties-fur-ever

  3. vulpine & cervine earsies!

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    admirable adjectives, tracylee!!!

  5. the flahrs are a nice touch

  6. fleurdamour says:

    Foxy, dear!

  7. OMG the cute it burns!

  8. I laughed so hard at this love story!… I cannot even tell you how much it made my day! 😀

  9. RoadRunner says:


  10. Oh God, take my eyes now . . . I never need to see anything else ever again . . .

  11. *GUSH*

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    SNIFF! :_

  13. You realize that this is probably infringing on some Disney copywright?

  14. copy write. * idiot *

  15. Copyright? Teh cute really gots to ya didnit!