Memo To Santa

To: Santa
Fr: Hermey
Dt: 10 October 2012
Re: 2013 Cute Overload Calendar requests

Hey Kris:

Just wanted to shoot you a quick update re 2013 Cute Overload Calendars.  We are getting a ton of requests down here in the factory for them. Suggest we contract out to Amazon to fill all the orders. Bezos will be cool with it. What say U?

Hermey The Elf

PS: Sorry I was late for Elf Practice won’t happen again



  1. I bought one for my wall. Now I just need one more.

  2. Hmm. I’m feeling a little foolish. I named my first foster kittens (who I took in during the Christmas season) Hermie and Bumble after the Rudolph characters. That was two years ago and I never realized I misspelled Hermey’s name…their adopters kept their names, too.

    Oh well, they’re terribly spoiled boys now, so all’s well that ends well.

  3. I thought Hermie wanted to be a dentist?

  4. Well, I doubt that they can spell, so I’m sure they don’t mind. The kittens, that is.

  5. I know. Micabelle was never quite sure how his name was spelled. Either was his vet.

  6. sabrina rose says:

    I’d rather buy my CO calendar direct from the source, although actually it’s readily available in my local stores, so I can flip through the pictures while handing over my charge card…..

  7. You only have two walls?

  8. Mine is on its way! Bought it at a dutch online store. I still enjoy the 2012 day edition, a great way to start my day at work 🙂