Baroo [BAH-ROO] (noun) To Tilt One’s Head To The Side In A Quizzical Manner

See “Baroo” and other redonk Cute Overload terminology over in the Glossary!



  1. stbernardmom says:

    Who says there no God?

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    also note a few peeps here who posess (sp?) Eyebrow Dots ….

  3. EYEBROW DOTS!!!!!…yayyyyy!!!!

    ….and yay for baroooos too.

  4. Man, I always thought puppehs were the baroo-masters, but the wols totally pwn it!

  5. woooo! eyebrow dots!
    they’re particularly lovely on our big-schnozzed bachelor/rette # 4

  6. Puppeh No. 5 looks like he’s pulling the “uh-exsqueeze me? a-baking-powder?” Wayne’s World action

  7. Fourth picture down, I just beeped my screen…

    I’m an idiot. But such a nosicle.

  8. Synchronized Baroos:

  9. Baroo-tiful!

  10. pic # 5, the little guy/gal with the pudgy ankles, just slays me – those eyes look like hoomin eyes!!

  11. Isn’t baroo mostly a verb?

  12. so a noun is “to tilt…”?


  13. But only owls can do the rare 135 degree Baroo.

  14. one of the first and best baroos

  15. I caught one of my cats many years ago pressing the button on the answering machine with his paw and then baroo as he listened to the greeting I recorded. When the message stopped he pressed the button again 😆

  16. What does it say for me that I started to baroo with them? 😀

  17. maryberry says:

    Thank you for all the baroos… to me, the most convincing evidence that animals are listening to us and are trying their best to understand us – even when we sound like idiots! 🙂

  18. I know! I’m ded. Tewtally ded.

  19. After watching this video, I too tried those words on Shakti…and she Baroos to those words too!!!…and then does the maddening gallop around the room to go to the park.

  20. Owls:born to baroo!

  21. Vintage baroo!

  22. And who could blame you?! Between the baroo, the eyebrow dots, the magnificent schnozz, the soulful blue eyes and the teensy blade of grass between his/her teefs, there’s an awful lot to love there.

  23. That you’ve come to the right place. 🙂

  24. Oh man, I would give just about anything to see that!! 🙂

  25. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    This is all so unfair. My Beagle never Baroos. Nor does my mom’s cat. **pouts & cries**

    I think the video of the Pugs Barooing together is the best ever.

  26. hahaha… he’s taunting them, but they are obviously well-loved… 🙂

  27. that’s what I waz thinkin
    (no offense CO) keep em comin

  28. Vintage Victrola Baroo

  29. OMG the owls are THE BEST!!! {D 😀

  30. Athena's mom says:

    We need a new term for the wols– that level of barooing needs to be called:


  31. Fun fact: Owls are called “búho” in Spanish and “hibou” in French. Easy to incorporate “baroo” into those names.

  32. Fleurdamour says:

    Cerbaroo! Triple header baroo!

  33. happy spirit says:

    baroo is clearly a verb; any definition that begins with “to” denotes an action and is a verb