You Want Us To Go…Fetch?

You must be joking.

Enjoy the last bits of summer, TeganDanger.



  1. Such a relaxing picture.

  2. What a blissful pic! It’s chilly today, but i’m expecting Indian summer any day now! 😀

  3. Veggie Mom says:

    Sharp puppy claws in an inflatable toy floating in an inflatable pool. This can’t possibly end well.

  4. Veggie Mom says:

    Mod’d. Accidentally used the word for babeh dogs.

  5. It’s a dog’s life.

  6. Veggie Mom says:

    Veggie Mom
    October 7, 2012 at

    Sharp puppeh claws in an inflatable toy floating in an inflatable pool. This can’t possibly end well.


  7. So relaxing floating in a sunbeam with your pals! Somebody loves their doggies!

  8. How ’bout YOU fetch us the Beggin’ Strips???

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    ain’t no “CHILLEH” ’round HEAH.

    When does fall get to N Fla????

    (but I am glad for YOU)

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    MAN those doggehs KNOW,
    how to select a house in which to exist, don’t they??? 🙂

  11. To CUTE; This belongs in the Weekly Photo Challenge, Happy!

  12. fleurdamour says:

    That’s what I call the dog days of summer.

  13. Is there a floatie big enough for doggehs AND hoomin?

  14. Marco…



    … silence with muffled snoring…

    Cumon, guys, you gonna play or what?

  15. I was impressed they all got in without sending a puppeh overboard!

  16. 260Oakley says:

    HMS Wienerfore

  17. Just chilling by the pool with some beans and weiners.

  18. NurseNoir says:

    Mmmmm… warm fritoes!

  19. And everyone is DRY!!

  20. SlaveToCat says:

    According to the Surgeon General, Most Americans are considered to be a large enough floatie device for a human and 3 small dogs or two small children. Said human may also be used as a flotation device in the event a plane lands in the water. Caution should be used when trying to manually inflate the device.

  21. SlaveToCat says:

    I wonder what would happen if I walked over there and jingled the car keys and yelled “anyone want to go for a ride.”

  22. Some awesome comments tonight! Oakley, slave to cat, Anne pack rat, penny… Thanks!

  23. stephanie trudeau says:

    Sunbathing weeiners! Delish!

  24. Stealth_Hobo says:

    Cerberus on vacation.

  25. bob drummond says:

    Perhaps they had a little help from a friend !!! 😉

  26. bob drummond says:

    oops ! Splash down !!
    Splish splash we are takin a bath !!! ;-}

  27. I see two brown dog heads, one white dog head, and three brown dog bodies. Something seems amiss. Either white dog’s body is entirely concealed and I’m really only seeing two dog bodies, or white dog is a two-tone. In which case, prosh.

  28. snerk!!!

  29. Oh, tracylee, where are you?? Prime ear nomage here, and I can’t be polite and promise to save you any!

  30. sorry I missed out… I’ll catch the next round 🙂

  31. Ha! My childhood dog used to use me as a flotation device in the lake every summer.

  32. We sail the ocean blue
    And our turtle ship’s a beauty
    We’re sober dogs, baroo!
    And attentive to our duty.*

    *Luckily, our duty is sleeping.

  33. Waiter, there are weiners in my turtle soup!

  34. Completely Embarrassing True Confession: Until I read all of the comments, I didn’t realize these were dachshunds–I thought they were Irish Setters and I couldn’t figure out how they fit into their floatie! *facepalm* 😳

  35. Well, it could be a really large floatie… 😉

  36. Dachel owners will tell you- dachshunds don’t really play “fetch” they play “I have your underwear and I’m going to run around with it during your fancy dinner party.”

  37. 260Oakley says:

    *hearty Gilbert and Sullivan applause*

  38. bob drummond says:

    Hey ! I just noticed that the floatation device is shaped like a turtle !!!

  39. Gretchen, stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen.

  40. One of the brown dogs has a white face and head, almost certainly from age. But being contented in the sunshine is a pleasure that knows no age minimum nor maximum.

  41. Friend during first visit to our home: “Why do you have pantyhose all over the floor?”
    Me: “The dachshund likes to play with them.”


  43. Well played, tracylee. Well played.

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    Oooo. Nice.

  45. pupfanatic says:

    yeeeeyoop….*thud* Deadly cyoote.

  46. Ah, very well done!

  47. Came here to say exactly this. Great minds 🙂

  48. Same with me, Nikki. No one ever expects the long-haired Dachshund. Or the Spanish Inquisition.