Sender-inner Nicole K. takes her bunnehs to get massages.

That’s right.

She says: “By the end of their massages, the bunnehs were practically liquefied, they are so relaxed. Here [is my bunny] after I folded her in half… In my opinion, these are the Perfect Bunny ‘Tocks.”




  1. Pixie’s Perfect Tocks. She is boneless after her massages. 🙂

  2. Where’s the rest of her?

  3. Must be a HouseBun like mine if her feet are that clean!

  4. My bunnies have great tocks too. I just take too long to admire them. By the time I get my camera, they move.

  5. Her back feet are up over her face–she is folded in half.

  6. kibblenibble says:


  7. There are proffesional bunny massagers?Pro bun fluffers?Another modern marvel of human ingenuity.Where do I apply?Is there a liscencing program?

  8. Bunigami?

  9. Pixie is poifeck.

  10. Wait, guys, I think we’re missing the important part here. There’s a place that gives MASSAGES TO BUNNIES! *runs off to send in a resume!*

  11. Are you sure bun has a head? This looks like a mounted back-end of a bunny.

  12. Sign me up for a class!

  13. ‘Tis only appropriate that you should have this on the first Bunday in Tocktober

  14. Wha…how…but…. 😯

  15. *Nods in agreement*

  16. Her head sort of slipped/melted down between the masseuse’s knees…

  17. *runs resume to Fed Ex for overnight rush delivery*
    Must…beat…(eh)…all other…(huff)…applicants…(gasp!)…

  18. Rabid applause!

  19. Strangely enough, it also looks like a cartoon dog face, to me!

  20. Rabbit applause?

  21. That just… I mean, THAT’s JUST TOO FLOOFY!! The floof is keeling me…

  22. exactly!

  23. Yeah, flip it 180 and you can see the eyes, ears, and nose of the carmel puppy, or cartoon seasonal reindeer?

  24. Bottoms up.. Bunny Butt!

  25. Yep, there is such a thing as Bunny Massage!

    ((Happy masseuse who’s work has been featured here))

    Our non-profit does this as fundraisers. Read more at:

  26. This was a happy client at one of our FriendsOfRabbits Spa days, I’m the masseuse in the picture. Glad it was a CuteOverload feature!