Sender-inner Nicole K. takes her bunnehs to get massages.

That’s right.

She says: “By the end of their massages, the bunnehs were practically liquefied, they are so relaxed. Here [is my bunny] after I folded her in half… In my opinion, these are the Perfect Bunny ‘Tocks.”



  1. Pixie’s Perfect Tocks. She is boneless after her massages. :)

  2. Where’s the rest of her?

  3. Her back feet are up over her face–she is folded in half.

  4. Wha…how…but…. :shock:

  5. Her head sort of slipped/melted down between the masseuse’s knees…

  6. Must be a HouseBun like mine if her feet are that clean!

  7. My bunnies have great tocks too. I just take too long to admire them. By the time I get my camera, they move.

  8. kibblenibble says:


  9. There are proffesional bunny massagers?Pro bun fluffers?Another modern marvel of human ingenuity.Where do I apply?Is there a liscencing program?

  10. Bunigami?

  11. Sign me up for a class!

  12. Pixie is poifeck.

  13. Wait, guys, I think we’re missing the important part here. There’s a place that gives MASSAGES TO BUNNIES! *runs off to send in a resume!*

  14. *runs resume to Fed Ex for overnight rush delivery*
    Must…beat…(eh)…all other…(huff)…applicants…(gasp!)…

  15. Are you sure bun has a head? This looks like a mounted back-end of a bunny.

  16. ‘Tis only appropriate that you should have this on the first Bunday in Tocktober

  17. *Nods in agreement*

  18. Rabid applause!

  19. Rabbit applause?

  20. exactly!

  21. Strangely enough, it also looks like a cartoon dog face, to me!

  22. Yeah, flip it 180 and you can see the eyes, ears, and nose of the carmel puppy, or cartoon seasonal reindeer?

  23. That just… I mean, THAT’s JUST TOO FLOOFY!! The floof is keeling me…

  24. Bottoms up.. Bunny Butt!

  25. Yep, there is such a thing as Bunny Massage!

    ((Happy masseuse who’s work has been featured here))

    Our non-profit does this as fundraisers. Read more at:

  26. This was a happy client at one of our FriendsOfRabbits Spa days, I’m the masseuse in the picture. Glad it was a CuteOverload feature!


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