Now, More Than Ever, I Knead You

Those kitties are shameless, Nakuspienne.



  1. Stunbunny says:

    Kitteh wun: “You’re carrying a lot of tension in your haunches.”

    Kittey too: “Yeah, well, I’ve been on a really tight deadline down at the offi- HEY! WATCH THOSE PAWS MISTER!”

  2. victoreia says:


  3. Where’s the New Age music and scented candles?

    Whatever; my blood pressure went down at least 30% after watching this. So relaxing!

  4. I’ve never seen little Kitties do this! But I guess they practice Reiki too! xo

  5. Where can I get a kitten masseuse? I want one!

  6. fleurdamour says:


  7. My Mia must have taken lessons from this little guy because that’s exactly what she does to my stomach right after I finish eating! 😆

  8. LOL!

  9. Encore presentayshe?

  10. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I have a very hairy stomach. Well, really I have a very hairy everything, but my stomach is the topic of this story. You see, I live with a fat, fluffy, gray cat. She’s beautiful, but kind of a land manatee.

    She’s also a kneader. I’ll reading in bed before I go to sleep, and she’ll jump up onto me as cats are wont to do. I don’t know whether it reminds her of mom or what, but when her paws hit my torso, she gets the crazed look on her face, and I can tell it’s hit her: the need for knead. And away she goes! It wouldn’t bother me, and in fact it’d feel good, were she not grabbing as she kneads. She ends up pulling hairs, and when I object this inevitably startles her, and she goes scampering off with belly hairs still between her toes.

    Just thought I’d share.

  11. err…. thank you so much for sharing… 😯

  12. 😆

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    You can’t have too many belly fluff anecdotes.

  14. Brooksmom says:

    My 4 yr old kitty, Izzy, does this but the ONLY place he will do it is on my favorite blanket. once that comes out and is unfolded, he hits it and does it for 15-20 min and then lays down on it. Sometimes it’s a battle to get it back. And he always wins!

  15. Tater Tot says:

    “Land manatee” FTW!

  16. AWW 😀 Don’t they always, Brooksmom 😀

  17. Same here, Ace 😀

  18. I agree, Tater Tot 😆

  19. ♪♫ Baby I’m-a want you ♫
    ♪Baby I’m-a knead you♫♪

  20. Sasha's Mum says:

    Aww. Tabby kitteh looks so much like Sasha when she was wee. *sniff*