No Relation to Sonic

It’s Stroke the Hedgehog, the newest handheld game! No speed boosts, no power ups, just relaxing belly-rubbing action. Ahhhhhhhh…

Via ignoramusky.



  1. omg, the little toe stayches!

  2. …er…um… “strayches”

  3. skippymom says:

    Is there any non-human animal whose belly is not irresistibly cute?

  4. I love how these wee critters — and not so wee critters — so selflessly offer their bellehs to be rubbed, and their noggins to be skritched so that we hoomans may relax, calm and rest ourselves. They are so giving and unselfish, these belleh barers.

  5. This is too cute…..every animal loves this….rub my belly….so cute.

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, I was just thinking, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen blissed-out-toes before!”

  7. The splayed toebeans! This is one content hedgie.

  8. The toe strayches are too much! And what a sweet guy to indulge his hedgie that way.

  9. skippymom says:

    When I pet Chloe, she spreads out her fingers. It slays me every time.

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    I like the “up periscope” feets.

  11. “Ignoramusky” must be the Russian word for “kawaii.”

  12. i’ve watched this a bunch of times –
    so adorable! makes me feel good.

  13. After seeing this I’m now sure the that belleh rubs activate the leg strayches no matter what species .
    I have two “kids” that regularly demand belleh rubs & their legs & arms do the same thing.

  14. I have never been a huge fan of hedgehogs, but THAT is ridiculously cute!!!

  15. OMG! Hedgehog Heaven.

  16. Hedgehog: Comforabuls… I has it.

  17. What a lovely 48 second respite from the real world. 😀

  18. Aw! He’s so relaxed! Any hedgie afficionados here – what sort of hedgie is this? He looks too dark and big footed to be an African Pygmy hedghog. I wondered if he was a tenrec? Which would be kind of a miracle as the ones I’ve known about have been anti-social little boogers!

  19. Gators?

  20. roastpotato says:

    Ohh, I’ve never seen a hedgie like this and am so very glad I have now! Thank you ignarumsky!

  21. The Original Jane says:


  22. Also WANT!!

  23. phred's mom says:

    Just on the basis of his gentle handling of this baby, let’s consider him for the
    Men of CO calendar. He fits the profile like Unger, definitely. I don’t much
    care what he looks like.

  24. omg the splayed feeeeeet!!! squuuuuuueeeee!!

  25. The toe-splay. It slays me.

  26. The Original Jane says:

    Me first!

  27. maggots?

  28. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Angler fish?

  29. Blue Footed Booby says:

    And now it’s time for a *science fact.* Female anglerfish are much larger than males. This is because males serve one purpose, and only one purpose. When it comes time to “mate” the male will latch onto a female’s belly with his jaws. He will hang there, unmoving, until the female’s flesh starts to grow over him. Eventually, their circulatory systems merge, followed by other systems: the male will spend the rest of his life as a dangling, retrofitted testicle.

  30. Once again, thank you for sharing… 😯

  31. I’d have to give Penny Lane, my hog, a Xanax, and possibly myself, before I tried that.

  32. Blue Footed Booby says:

    You are most welcome!

  33. Catwhisperer says:

    Please tell me that’s his tailio at :28.

  34. This would be a baby European hedgehog by the colour and toes. From the Russian caption, I assume the Eastern European variety. Domestic hedgehogs have white fur on the belly and four toes.

  35. But please let him wash his hands first.

  36. Abby Stimmel says:

    My little Piglet never holds that still for tummy rubs! Maybe he just needs more practice…