¡Caturday Ole’!

Everybody loves a good purrito.

But if that’s not enough for you, a great big cat taco is pretty hard to beat!

Ay caramba, Amy B., Pete Taco and  Ned Hardy. Burritos vs tacos – which is better? Discuss!


  1. Proper Mexican street tacos in corn tortillas. Brisket with plenty of lime omnomnomnom.

    But kitty is fine too. *steals*

  2. Pic no. 1: Excellent example of Wackadoodle Eyes.

  3. My T-Two is very good at Wackadoole Eyes, what do you think?
    Crazy eyes time!

  4. Tacos all the way! And my kitty actually wants to help me eat them. (No, I do not let her since they always have copious amounts of garlic and onions in them.)

    Kitty in question – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I98Wq25AD6c

  5. AWW :D What a sweetie, The *Other* Other Jen :D

    I am cybercat29 on YouTube :D

  6. And such a ham. Does that make her a ham purrito? Course, when I wrap her in a towel after a bath, I call her Obi-Wan Kitty.

  7. Oh, I so want those purritos :D

  8. Yummm! Those are mouth watering morsels!

  9. snoopysnake says:

    Oh, my cat Taco, definitely! She is a a big girl, too! She’s my avatar.

  10. AWW :D What a sweetie :D How old is your dear sweet kitty, Taco, and where did you get the name for her, snoopysnake? :D

  11. I had fur-jitas for dinner tonight. At an Irish-Mexican restaurant.

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    As I’m trying to lose some weight, I’ll just have the small purrito, please.
    *grabs purrito and runs*
    Muchos Gracias! (how do you make an upsidedown exclamation point?)

  13. Burritos all the way!

  14. burritos and tacos are from mexico..the expresion olé is from spain, diferent country, diferent continent.. ok? thanks

  15. how embarrassing. we try, we really do.

  16. bigpurrinlittledc says:

    Bonus: “Taco cat” is a palindrome.


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