Toughest Initiation Ever

So, you have crossed the Bridge of Overcooked Noodles and scaled the Wall of Axle Grease, but now you must climb… the Rope of Ultimate Futility!

Frame of Ultimate Fave!


  1. Love the eye rolling action just before the attempted climb: “What’s this, another test? Oh what a bother…”

  2. Tracy Garloff says:

    He did have that look didn’t he! LOL!

  3. Oh, yeah! It’s that world-class “WTF is this SH*T?!?” look. I absolutely LOLed!

  4. Don’t worry, Chammey. I could never climb that damn rope in gym either.

  5. I couldn’t either. I was (still am) terrified of heights, and I got queasy when I was more than 3 feet off the ground.

  6. Chameleons win hands down for Best Shifty Eyes.

  7. I don’t know alot about chameleons – do they like to play in water generally??

  8. I wish I could have this playing continuously in our children’s room bathroom to remind the kids to wash their hands.

  9. Was I the only one who watched this and imagined the little chameleo-dude making kung-fu noises? Because I did, and that made it so much better.

  10. My mind’s eye substituted a harp for the water.

  11. And now I have the “Kung-fu Fighting” song playing in my head….

  12. He has busted out his mad chameleon skills and now matches the tile!

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    *shakes head to shake out the dust, resulting in that “b-b’s in an empty metal can” sound FX ….*

  14. I must be a real dope because it never occurred to me that a chameleon could have a personality. This guy has a better personality than about half the people I know. :)

  15. This chameleon has a better personality than I do.

  16. How does he keep his hands in the right place when his eyes are going all googly? I guess his left eye is keeping up.

  17. Cutest little chameleon ever! (Never thought I’d be saying such nice things about reptiles!) But I also feel kind of bad for the poor little guy as I’m pretty sure he is trying grab onto the water stream, thinking it’s a solid stick. Hehe!

  18. You should feel bad fr him. He was stressed and scared as was evidenced by his white color. Chameleons don’t like to be handled or be out of their safe environments. This is not proper care.

  19. Though this strictly qualifies as a nuff, I’m letting your comment through. A little research on keeping chameleons as pets is pretty interesting. Stress is an important factor to consider. Seems to be the only case where judging by the color of ones skin is a good idea.

  20. He totally climbs it at the end, once he shifted his dimensional thinking. :)

  21. So wait . . . chameleons have opposable thumb-like digits? How are they not ruling the world?

    OMG, ARE CHAMELEONS REALLY RULING THE WORLD? Because that would explain a lot of things . . .

  22. i cannot believe a chameleon is this cute!

  23. actually, the best frame is where he tried to grab the water and THEN he rolls his eyes towards the cameras as if to say- “are you serious?”


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