Holy Moley!

Been diggin’ for hours! I’m tired! I need a drink! It’s too bright out here!

Where am I?

[Cough, cough, Sputter-sputter]

Photo by Philippe Huguen, AFP/Getty Images/SF.


  1. Don’t you mean: I shoulda toined left at Albakoiky?

  2. Yeah! But ah already used that one! Too soon to recycle!

  3. My brother used that as his quote in his high school yearbook.

  4. Chuck Jones and co would be proud. That reel was released twenty years before I was born and we all still get it.

  5. [calls back down the tunnel] Hold on to yourself, Bartlett. You’re twenty feet short.

  6. *hands the hardworking little mole a drink and a pair of aviators, because aviators look good on everyone*

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Thanks to my childhood taste in fiction, I will forever imagine moles speaking with really funny british accents.

  8. As a Canuck, I think of the Frantics’ Marvin the Mole and his love of dirt and ‘Brown Cars’

  9. Oi’m quoite with ‘ee on that zurr (or marm)!

  10. So I’m not the only one that immediately thought of the Redwall series. Go reading!

  11. Those are the best!

  12. you mean they don’t? harrumph!

  13. I was in a meeting yesterday with a guy from Ireland and another guy from Louisiana – talk about accents!

  14. joools in PDX says:

    “Hang whitewashing!” (Wind In The Willows)

  15. Yes!

    Oh my! Oh my!

  16. Kari Callin says:

    What the?!? How the heck did I end up in Oz? There was NO yellow brick road, only a talking worm!

  17. *sigh* I’m currently having a problem with small rodents at my house. I’ll spare everyone the deets; suffice to say that while moles and mice may continue to be objectively cute to me, on a subjective scale they are slipping off my qte list.

  18. Wanna cat?

  19. You can have Eddy! Where do you live, I’ll send him to you.

  20. You’d THINK that the fact that I have a giant predatorial-looking bird living in the house would scare away the kind of rodents that are usually fodder for birds. Alas – the parrot seems only interested in making friends and finding a perch as far away from the floor as possible so that he can observe the scurrying from “on high”.

  21. This little guy refuses to believe he has not reached the summit of Everest. He insists on making a mountain out of a molehill.

  22. *golf clap*

  23. Anyone who want to wack this cutie with a mallet will have to go through me first!

  24. “Please Hammer, Don’t Whack Him”

  25. whisk-aire explosion!

  26. But… I didn’t reset Animal Crossing! Promise!

  27. Shoulda made that left toin at Albuquerque…

  28. Fleurdamour says:

    Jazz hands!

  29. Time for the mole joke again! Behind this guy are some little baby moles complaining “All I smell is mole-asses!” :lol:

  30. Hey everybody, Theresa turned five yesterday!

  31. :P

  32. PS: *whistling music from “The Great Escape*

  33. Yes!

  34. So THAT’S what’s got my yard looking like a WWll battlefield ? Dang !

  35. It’s Danny the Tunnel King!

  36. Looks like someone might be requiring a manicure …

  37. You guys! Google “Starship the dog”, and “high chair” stat! I don’t know how to embed that video but it’s on the major news outlet. It will make you squee like you’ve never squeed before. And it needs to get on CO!

    Cute mole is cute, also, too. [pat, pat]

  38. I saw it earlier today! Starship is adorable! I hope he develops and grows out of the megaesophagus eventually.

  39. Third! How’s your handsome puppers?

  40. Hi Tracylee, the little guy still doesn’t know he’s sick, still romping. I’ve been keeping up with the mashed rice, yam and chicken and occasional yogurt, so he’s no longer losing weight so drastically. The bump on the flank is still getting bigger, though, but doesn’t seem to hurt. He’s +1 month from diagnosis, knock on wood. How’s Miss Schnozz?

  41. ornery as ever. She sends snorts and tail wags :)

  42. Oi was readin this in moi moley speech!
    ::tugs snout respectfully::

  43. Erm, all I could think of was Mulch Diggums. Is that somehow wrong?

  44. Nope! Same thought here! :-)

  45. Ugh, no. After what they’ve done to my yard (not to mention outright plant moidah), I could never find moles cute.


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