Have you been lacking the cute due to lack of space?

That is ridiculous! You need cute in your life right now! These little cuties will help you condense the cute into whatever space you have.

Don’t be cuteless, be cutefull!

Thanks for making room for the cute, Ned Hardy.



  1. i’m officially against cutelessness in all its forms, and %100 pro-cuteful!

  2. make that 100%!

  3. Are they Brrrrrr cold?

  4. Hey, look way in the background–OMG ponies!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Clairdelune says:

    Trust a kitteh to find the warmest, plushiest spot to sleep! And what a patient doggie, so sweet.

  6. Not good for Jenga cause if slide out doggeh, the kitteh gets MAD. 🙂

  7. The funny thing about this is that there seems to be plenty of room — and they are still stacked. Like in my house. I have two floors and a basement, and the cat or cats are always piled up together (and with me). 100% of the living beings in the house are all piled up together.

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for Stackables!!! AND poneeez.

  9. Cats will always be top dogs in any relationship. 😉

  10. I think I’ll be needing a TOWER of these stackables!

  11. Womble girl says:

    I really want to stack other animals onto of them. Starting with a fluffy guinea peeg…

  12. The talented Anna Hravochec has designed stackable kitties, pups, and frogs for knitters. You can mix and match:

  13. Patient doggie gets a warm blankie out of this deal.

  14. Got to love cats and their willingness to “utilize” others for their own creature comforts. 😝

  15. Eee they are in the exact same posiche! It is too much for me!

  16. I love how they are both TOTALLY asleeps. They must both feel v safe. Don’t bother to wrap them, I’ll take them.

  17. Boy, ain’t that the truth! In our house, you’d think we had like 4 square feet of space in the entire abode. 🙂

  18. Oh yeah, me and six cats on a regular sized double bed…

  19. Totes. 😀

  20. Hovertext: *BURP* *scuse me*

  21. His tail is tucked,
    And his ears are flopped –
    He’s the pretty little puppy
    With a tabby on top.