Head Games

At first glance, this playful tussle between Quincy the Doberman and Sadie the Pomeranian seems like a mismatch, but when you consider that Quincy is using only his head, they’re actually the same size.

Via Marabet Farm.



  1. I love that big guy is patiently waiting on wee one to get some kind of tooth-hold on an ear or a tail . . . allowing the wee one to feel like the mighty hunter … This is such sweetness. monch monch monch

  2. Too Funny !!! If you can’t nom what’s nomming your ear or tail stub just lay your head on it !!! I approve of that strategy ! What a sweet dobie !

  3. While the pom is a cute little bundle of badness, that dobie is absolutely wonderful. I smiled all the while I was watching it.

  4. Is Sadie a puppeh? she’s awfully tinee!

  5. That’s one sweet, patient dobie. And are you sure the other one is a pomeranian and not a tribble? Sure looks like a tribble to me. 😉

  6. I am digging that carpet.

  7. That is the best carpet I have ever seen.

  8. pom ‘tocks!!!!!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *high-fives ceejoe*

  10. You just know that Pom is going to rule that house. Poor Quincy will be stuck with the “bum bed”

  11. Tribbles don’t have feets . . . . .

  12. d’aww big goggies are the best

  13. meltinsmush says:

    Pommie bouncey bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Them bounces put any bunny to shame 🙂 Bounce!

  14. That one does.

  15. The Original Jane says:

    @ Ace: You totally stole my comment dude!

  16. The Original Jane says:

    Hey NTMTOM – thanks a lot for the ear worm. That song will be in my head all day now. Sigh.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    GOSH my niece’s name is Sadie. Maybe I’d better ask my brudder for a recent photograph???? …..

    Also in re. Quincey: *shudder* GARSH he’s SO VICIOUS & SCAWEY!!!! eeeeeeek

  18. Wow, Quincy is such a sweet dog! He is so gentle with Sadie. And Sadie is hilarious. She thinks she is a giant dog! Such a little spaz. Plus she has the most adorable tocks–just in time for Tocktober. Very sweet post.

  19. awwww Quincy is SUCH the sweetheart. He reminds me of my old Dobie Rocky (I didn’t name him)…who was just this sweet with our spitz Julie.

  20. Great minds…

  21. I was thinking the same thing!!! 🙂

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Pom bites the ears and tail because those are the only parts small enough for its teensy mouf. 🙂

  23. I know. He’s just a killer! 😉

  24. 1:16 – “Whut?! *I* didn’t bite your tailio!”

  25. I just adore this big silly dobie! What a sweet, patient guy. Leetle pompom is so lucky to have such a gentle big brudder to chomp on. 🙂

  26. My thougt exactly …

  27. I hate when people dock dobie tails and crop their ears

  28. Brendoodlez says:

    My favorite part was when the leetle one started nomming on the beeg ones nubber (tail). I laughed out loud several times. So f-ing cute.

  29. Leslie Bauer says:

    Thanks for the Dobie video. There aren’t enough positive portrails of Dobs on the net.

  30. Sadie has Quincy wrapped around her teeneh paw. Aynd she knows eet.

  31. omg… the pom nomming the dobie’s tail stub is too cute!
    sweet dobie is all: “i *poo* bigger than you, fluffmonster.”