Teddy In ’12!

President Obama promises this. Governor Romney promises that.

The Po’ Pine Party’s very own Teddy Bear has decided to enter the race, and he has his own agenda, People. Listen up! Teddy in ’12!

Corn for everyone!

See more of The Tedster right here.



  1. Makes as much sense as the other guys. Teddy has my vote!

  2. Mine too!

  3. Teddy Bear in a necktie?? Teddy Bear in a necktie, people!! *thud*

    I plan to vote, vote, vote like a baby stoat… for Teddy Bear. He’s got a gazillion times more charm than those other guys. And you can’t beat his simple message of “more corn for everyone.” I think that will resonate with the American voter. 🙂

  4. 🙂 The necktie keelled me!

    I think Teddy would be good in debates too…he has many things to say, all of them cute.

  5. Teddy’s got my vote. The other candidates are spineless.


  7. The one major advantage Teddy has over both the other candidates is that I actually believed he meant what he said.

  8. More corn in 2012!!

  9. Teddy’s stump speech was full of good points. He’s got my vote! (And the necktie!! LOL.)

  10. I dunno about this. I’m a pro-typewriter eater and Teddy is clearly has patch tendencies.

  11. Very patchy tendencies.

  12. Once A Fish says:

    I dunno– if you had incisors that big I’d bet you have patchy tendencies.

    Me, I’m a typewriter then a reverse typewriter (left to right, twist, right to left). (Would a better analogy be a dot-matrix printer?)

  13. I’m with y’all. Teddy for Prez!

  14. What a corny premise.

    At least he was (indirectly) named after a president.

  15. Maybe the dot-matrix contingency in the typewriter party?

  16. It’s got to be challenging to put a necktie on a porcupine. His campaign staff must be very dedicated. *nods seriously*

  17. I shall vote early and often for Teddy Bear for Pres. I liked his comments, and like his sharp appearance.

  18. “What would you do to create jobs?”

  19. That’s the “Ox Path” (boustrophedon)! That’s the way the ancient Greeks used to write– left to right, turn, right to left.

  20. I like Teddy…I like corn! He has my vote!…especially with his dapper looking tie.

  21. oooooooo
    good one

  22. 😯

  23. We just had an election in Québec, I wish Teddy would have been a candidate, he would have been a better choice than what we had!

  24. I’ve been wondering who I was going to write in :~)

  25. Teddy Bear for President. Neckties and corn for everyone! Vote, Peeps!!!!

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    I liked at the end when she asked “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” and he clearly said, “Yeah!” 😀

  27. In Québec… Omg, I have a feeling I might know you. Are you in Montréal? O_o
    Old friend who, last time I checked/talked to her (like… a loooong time ago), went by the nickname Gigi. Also as HD when we were kids. Same primary school, sorta lost contact after high school. I know this has nothing to do with Teddy’s candidature but I couldn’t help myself. Sorry CO!

  28. Now I am torn! Teddy for Pres. or Clark C. Griswald (the dog). Never thought I would have so many cute choices!

  29. Whoops, is my nerd showing? 😛

  30. OMG, is Clark running for President?

  31. He would have the votes of the Peanuts gang who might be the only ones who could understand him.

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    Also worth noting: his tie is VERY patriotic!!!

  33. Sorry I don’t think so, I didn’t live in Montréal as a child. I lived in Marieville.

  34. Oh I don’t mind the nerd factor. I love to learn things, the more obsure the better! I was just trying to read the examples of boustrophedonic script in the article and my eyes buged out! 😆

  35. Do you make a bell-ringing sound when you reach the end of a row?

  36. It’s alright, I had to try! :O

  37. Teddy for Prez!

  38. “What’s your opinion of same-sex marriage?”
    “Yummy yum yum!”

  39. I ding like a bell when I reach the end of a row – when I am knitting
    I vote for Teddy

  40. This seems to make writing more difficult than necessary! 😯

  41. This is so cute! Do porcupines all make that kind of sound? I know some pets tend to vocalize more than others, depending on how much their owners talk to them. I was always surprised when I was younger when my friends’ cats or dogs didn’t speak back to me.

  42. * munch munch munch*

  43. Those are the most coherent policy statements I’ve heard yet. Teddy Bear in 2012!