Lick That Cow!

When you decide to yell at a really big cow, just make sure you’re far enough away.

If you get The Look, you’d better run.

Thanks to OneyNG.



  1. Taste like grounded beef.

  2. Tastes like chicken!

  3. He just wanted some of that popular burnt sugar flavor. Oreo all the time gets a little boring.

  4. I was hoping this ended with the idiots behind the camera getting trampled. Ah well.

  5. I was hoping exactly the same thing! 🙂

  6. At first I didn’t think it was cute at all. Then I turned the sound all the way down. Cute when mute.

  7. I can’t see the video at work so…. Who exactly is licking the cow and why? And more important, is she enjoying it? 😉

  8. Personally, I thought it was inappropriate for CO.

  9. Yep, not your site.

  10. Choc. chip cow to her creamcicle buddy: “I shall leek you! ”
    Now that’s a REAL cowlick !

  11. Black & white cow is licking the brown cow. I think it’s a mutual grooming kind of thing…

  12. 4leafclover says:

    Me too!

  13. How now brown cow…chow?

  14. The licker so reminds me of a cat.

  15. heh.

  16. A content/language warning would have been nice. I visit this site every day with my two children.

  17. Yep, but freedom of speech. I shall now speak:
    I agree the audio is inappropriate. I show my grand daughter this site
    every day…and she LOVEs it. However, I will have to re-think this activity….

  18. I also wanted the videographers to get their cowuppance.

  19. My, what a clean video and such polite language! NOT!

  20. My, what a clean video and such polite language! NOT!

  21. Hanz and Franz, you’re not boys.

  22. It’s kinda cute in a grooming cow sort of way, but you need to mute the sound; not everyone who thinks they’re funny, is.

  23. frankenaidan says:

    The thought of a cow charging some morons with a camera was the only reason I watched it.

  24. if you visit every day, you’ve been warned.

    we know that kids love us and that grown-ups do, too, but CO began as a site for grownups first and has always worked a little blue. please keep coming back.

  25. Fleurdamour says:

    Spit has always been a tried and true tool for grooming a cowlick.

  26. Weird adult Grown Up says:

    I thought the audio was funny, but I’m a weird adult grown up

  27. Sorry Sharpy, but I have to agree with the others on this one. This is your site, but it’s also considerate to think about the sensibilities of your audience. A simple “language alert” under the photo would have been nice for those of us with little ones. Not too much to ask…(-:

  28. Blue. That’s my favorite shade of color because it has so many possibilities and it goes with everything. 🙂

  29. I thought the commentary was a hoot but maybe I’m just a trashy, vulgar, and unrefined person, though. Had the guys said, “poop” would people have still gotten their knickers in a bunch?

    Dear moderators, my 10 year old watches CO with me too. I’m perfectly fine with him hearing “that kind of language”. There’re PLENTY of things in the world to shield him from, a slightly base word for a bodily function is not on my list. My two cents. The whole family got a kick out of the video, including the 20 year old (who is not an axe murderer, holds doors, escorts turtles across the street, and turned out terrific despite having been exposed to such coarse and horrific language as a child).

  30. ‘A little blue’ is my very favourite colour! Keep strong against the pearl-clutchettes! I always ‘vet’ the CO links before I send them to my niecelets: I *am* the Parental Guidance, so it’s up to *me* to do the work, not the COverlords! I thought the ‘Schprockets’ commentary was hilarious! Leeck zat cow! And while I’m at it, Rock the Vote!

  31. You know you need to cut down on your sodium consumption when others use you as a salt lick.

  32. I think the herd needs a mineral block.
    The cow was not upset or angry,just wondering what that noise was.

  33. i’m with you, mama bear, and dubya1 above. color me trashy, vulgar, and unrefined!

  34. I thought it was udderly amusing and Mamabear and others – I am with you – seeing no reason to be persnicketty about language – I like dubya1’s name – I have a dubya in my name – being a Wilson – and peg4x4 you really have the RIGHT idea – a mineral block would serve a good purpose – poor cows – or should I have said Poor Inhabitants of the Meadow – since cow can be a term of opprobrium

  35. That’s probably the best line: “I *am* the Parental Guidance, so it’s up to *me* to do the work, not the COverlords!”. This is the interwebz, not a Barney DVD.

    To shield a child from such an innocuous and common word is not only impossible, but gives that word power and makes it forbidden fruit, IMHO.

    Touch my monkey!

  36. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Yeah, there are more important things to worry about than naughty words.

    Also, if you don’t check out youtube vids before sending them to people you deserve whatever you get.

    On a very related note, ask me about having to explain to my mom what furries are!

  37. What they said. It’s Parental Guidance. If you’re the parents .. .you know guide and err stuff.

    Also Mamabear I’d touch your monkey any day of the week. *snirkle*.

    Having said that I am probably the only person on the site who found their commentary funny and it made the dirty look the cow gave them so much funnier.

  38. OMG – The commentary is hilarious the accents just pushed it over the top!!! I was rolling with laughter!

    But then I was so confused by the comments about language I had to listen again and I’m still not sure what the fuss is about. I’ve never understood when people say hell, ass, damn or shit are swear words. Really? What’s so horrible about them? I guess that’s what happens when you grow up a military brat. I don’t consider myself a potty mouth because I don’t use use words like the F-work, MF-word C-word, you know the BAD words that shock people.

    Now you guys have me thinking that maybe I’m a potty mouth and I don’t even know it! (clasps pearls in horror)

    One last thing ~ LICK THAT COW!!!! ~ HAHAHAHAHAHA…. love it

  39. Oh, I had to explain that to my mom too!

  40. I’ve heard of a cowlick but this is ridic!

  41. It would be soooooo refreshing to go to a site and not have to worry about
    language…something the whole family could share without having to worry
    about lessons to learn and yada yada. I bring my one year old grand daughter here
    for the sheer joy of loving animals. period.

  42. what do you mean by “pearls,” exactly?


  43. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It won’t help with audio/video, but have you heard of greasemonkey? It’s an addon for Firefox (and I think there’s a Chrome version) that lets you install little modules to modify how websites are shown to you. There are ones to do things replace youtube comments with random quotes from Richard Feynman, and ones to filter out foul language.

    All you have to do, assuming you have Firefox, is:
    1. Go here:
    and click the “Add to firefox” button.
    2. Close and re-open the browser
    3. Go here and click the “Install” button

    You can still go to any site, but any sites you view on that computer with that browser will have swear words censored.

  44. Not one swear word was used. It’s all in your tiny minds if you see something wrong with this.

  45. “she wore a per-all necklace….” 😉

  46. warrior rabbit says:

    wwax, I thought they were funny, as well. Not surprised to see pearl clutchers who still don’t have a clue what this site is like, but am surprised at how many found the humorous commentary annoying.

  47. warrior rabbit says:

    Me, too! Well, at least chronologically.

  48. apparently this handbasket IS big enough for all of us!

  49. it really is a staple.

  50. Lol, giggity!

  51. Personally, i use the plugin that rinses away all traces of conversation about children on my Facebook feed. Now why would CO hire a crabapple like me?

  52. That’s okay. I understand. I think the reasoning is something like this: if you go to a Safeway, you’re bound to overhear some high school kids talking this way and it’s not nice, but you can still be a good parent and if need be, you can give your little ones some context. I hope your little ones don’t have to learn about the big world too quickly, but a few naughty words shouldn’t be too hard to explain. You can tell them that Sharpy says this isn’t Sesame Street.

  53. Queen of Dork says:

    It cracked me up! I liked it!

  54. Me three

  55. To get the salt and minerals from the sweat and dirt that’s trapped in their fur.

  56. Nuthin like a full moon in Aries , conjunct Uranus to stir things up!

  57. Wasn’t offended by the commentary just thought it was stupid. The cows were cute though. Just mud the thing and enjoy.

  58. Thanks auto-correct… Mute not mud

  59. I totally would make that video, voice-over included. Hilarious.

  60. agreed.

  61. Oh, I don’t know. Bringing some mud to that party might be fun.