A Soldier’s Squirrel Story

A good soldier never leaves a comrade behind—no matter how small. When soldiers in Belarus found a baby squirrel weak and near death, one of them kept and nursed it back to health. When the soldier left for civilian life as a cab driver, his new friend came along for the ride, and the two became inseparable.

Story, more cuteness at Tigertail Foods.


  1. *gasp*

  2. So I go to the website. I see a squeeril without eartufts and then one with eartufts. Can anyone ‘splain?

  3. GeorgiaGirl says:

    I see on Wikipedia that the adults have the ear tufts. Guess that means that the tuft-less shots were taken when the skwerl was still a baby?

  4. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Yup, some squirrels have eartufts and some don’t. [Sorry, it begged to be stated!]

  5. Sylvie Sodoyer says:

    Maybe squirrels have eartufts in winter and no more in summer. Like some animals get winter hair.

  6. I think that the one un-tufted photo was when the sqwirl was quite young and had not yet grown into his adult ear-do.

  7. I mean: in several of the photos. I got so addled by the Qte I wasn’t counting right.

  8. The pic that *looks* as if it’s untufted merely has the tufts blending into the background colors of the dashboard. The tufts are still there, you just don’t see them as well as you do in the other pic. Believe me. Please. I dare you.

  9. Sue, Had some good luck w/this wonderful “Squirrel” experience.

  10. Ermergerd, is that a beret that the squirlio is using for a bed?

    Also, here we go: within minutes all the ladies here will be falling over themselves saying how gorgeous this guy is.

  11. phred's mom says:

    Do we have another worthy candidate for the “Men of CO


  13. I will third that!

  14. …I ffffffourth that!!

  15. I fifth the HECK out of that! Cartoon heart eyeballs happening over here, for serious.

  16. Yup, he’ll do. Just put my name at the end of the list.

  17. Like Ave, I have cartoon heart-shaped eyeballs…but on a different head.

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    My first thought: Mr September!
    My second thought: SQUIRRELL!

  19. YERH! That is def a blue beret, check out this pic also on his site and you can see the “repurposed” hats in some kind of hat-tree-cat-tree configuration AND as an added bonus, Monsier/Madam CritterSquirrel is wearing a red ribbon ’round his/her neck awwwwwwwwrrrrggghhhhthud!!

  20. Um…here’s the link! sorry, i was distracted by ear floof squirrel…

  21. fleurdamour says:

    Alas, he’s already got a squirrelfriend.

  22. 8O

  23. ahahahaha squirrelfriend. Awesome. I change the word “girl” to “squirrel” in songs a lot, and it makes them infinitely more hilarious and adorable.

    “I’ve been waiting for a squirrel like you”
    “Squirrels…all I really want is squirrels, with new wave hairdos I want squirrels”
    “I’m just a squirrel in the world”
    “Just a small-town squirrel living in a lonely world…”
    and so on.

  24. (I kissed a squirrel and I liked it…) Sorry. Couldn’t resist throwing that last one in there.

  25. Oh, boo!

  26. I do the same thing!!! China Squirrel, My Best Friend’s Squirrelfriend, Jesse’s Squirrel – ok, it was the 80’s but I still do it today!

  27. :) That is awesome!

    Also fun is to play Lord of The Pants when you substitute ‘pants’ in the Lord of the Rings movies.

    Gondor has no pants. Gondor needs no pants.

  28. I used to belong to a LOTR messageboard and we would play that game. “A shadow and a threat has been growing in my pants.”

  29. Love it!

  30. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    I like you, janer81.

    I too love to change the words to songs,,,but to “Beagles” seeing as I have one . “It’s just you & meee & all of the Beagles..” etc. or “Bailey’s sexy and he knows it.”

  31. Brilliant!

  32. Hahaha!

    I change all words that rhyme with “mew” to, um….mew.

    I just called to say I love mew
    Mew skies, peeing on me…..

  33. Y’all are my kind of people. :)

  34. The photos on the link are fantastic. What a cute little guy.

  35. And the skwoyl ain’t bad eeder! (buh-duh-bum)

  36. fleurdamour says:

    Cute big guy, too. ;)

  37. Mr. ResQter also has a cat! And the cat and Ms Tuftsquee are friends!

    I am, once again, officially rendered ded.

  38. Tough Guy and Tuft

  39. d’oh! rofl

  40. Definitely another candidate for the “Men of CO” calendar. Handsome guy, adorable squirrel.

  41. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the Men of CO centerfold. Say hello to his furry little friend.

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    uh oh

  43. Note to self: “get mind out of gutter”

  44. :lol: AWW, poor Angel :lol:

  45. Eh eh eh!

  46. Why?

  47. “Say hello to his furry little friends”, Kar :D That man’s cat and squirrel are his furry little friends :D

  48. There’s a photo of Mr Fluffy Eartuffs eating Nutella from a spoon!!!!

  49. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    Nutella…OMG what a perfect treat for a good little squirrel!!

  50. He is cute ;) I didn’t know squirrels stay with anyone. Everytime I see them outside, they run away from people.

  51. They can be tame like anything that’s been hand-raised. Even if they haven’t been hand-raised, but have been used to people, they are inquisitive and friendly. My college campus had lots of squirrels that would come right up to you and join you for lunch. Or a study session in the grass.

  52. i love rescue stories like this!

  53. Same here, jen :D

  54. This is redonk! My brain cannot handle this.

  55. The Original Jane says:

    Following the link – only in Europe are the taxi cabs BMW’s.

  56. You simply MUST click on the TigertailFoods link underneath the pic of beret-bed! I am rendered speechless at the qte!

  57. omg! this is soooo way better than a dashboard jesus! where can I get one?

  58. If there are any men reading this….. the verb ‘rescuing’ is a top aphrodisiac for animal loving women.
    good job gorgeous man!

  59. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Squirrel cabbie navigator: “Okay, so this fare needs to get to the airport by 8:00, so if we turn left here and cut through the pecan grove — sunroof open, if you please — we’ll be able to avoid the construction on Elm. Okay, now cross this street…Wait! Go back! No wait, back the other way! Nonono, back the other way!! AAACK! UP THE TREE! GO UP THE TREE!”

  60. Standing up applauding!!

  61. I LURRRRVE the leetle curled up back feets!!

  62. Oh my. That’s one cute … um. squirrel. Yeah, totally adorable squirrel. >.>

  63. Aaahh cute!! Just came back from Belarus yesterday! Wonderful squirrel story

  64. Tracy Garloff says:

    That is one spoiled squirrel!

  65. I am officially ded. Please tell my family that I died happy. :)

  66. I’m also loving the ad for Emu Oil at the bottom of the TigerTails Foods story. Sounds like something Meg would have written!

  67. That’s just awesome the way he’s flopped out like that.

  68. i have those same sunglasses

    but not a beret.

    and the sqwerl is right out.

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY berets!!!

    well-concealed beatnik

  70. crashnandicoot says:

    Squirrels just want to have fun.

  71. Fird Birfle says:


    The crowd goes wild…

  72. megamissystar says:

    My underpants just fell down.

  73. Fird Birfle says:

    *covers eyes, then assists mms to re-clothe self*

  74. megamissystar says:

    Actually, Fird,.I was hoping that fellow in the top photo could assist with my fallen underpants. If you catch my drift.

  75. Have never seen a sleeping squirrel…how can you drive with such a cute belly begging to be scritched…? No driving while scritching!

  76. *ponders*

    Well, the pic seems to have been taken from the passenger seat, so perhaps the passenger is free to scritch the adorable skwerl belly. (-:

  77. Re-purposing a beret as squirrel bed is way cuter than beating a sword into plowshare.

  78. Isn’t that a UN Peacekeeping beret, the world’s finest plowshare?

  79. You’re right, that does look like a a UN Peacekeeping beret.

  80. fleurdamour says:



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