36 Days ‘Til Halloween.

There is a lot to do! Have you pulled decorations out of storage? Have you ordered or made your costume? What about your ani-pal?

What? What do you mean your pet doesn’t have a costume yet?

You better hurry. If you need some ideas, here’s one sent in by Buzzy from Amazon.



  1. It’s Seedogbiscuit!

  2. My “kids” have decided to use their cloak of invisibility this year so I was recently informed. But I’m still hoping I can convince the 3 black ones to share window sitting duties. After all, the best decorations are the animated ones !

  3. Modesty strap fail.

  4. Maybe it’s an IMMODESTY strap.

  5. Back when my boyfriend’s mom had a cat, it used to sit in the window and watch the world. One day approaching Halloween, someone knocked on the door to ask her (the owner) where did she get that wonderful lifelike cat decoration.

  6. teehee

  7. Applauding

  8. I need this for the Divine Miss S…

  9. My uncle used to laugh whenever he would come into town and see both our cats sleeping in various places; he would ask if we moved them around like decorations.

  10. Oh that would be poifect!

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:

    At first I thought kids was in quotes to indicate that they are older and not actually children. Then I got to “the black ones” and was confused.

  12. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Very few outfits involving black leather straps are designed for modesty

  13. Words of wisdom, BFB.