In Space, No One Can Hear You Whinny

After her harrowing ordeal in the Alien movies, Ellen Ripley just wanted to retire to a quiet ranch, raise horses, and never see another creature with a mouth for a tongue ever again. Unfortunately, one of the aliens got there first…



  1. Awesome caption! Kudos to NOMTOM for your writing skills/warped sense of humor..(-;

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    quite the perceptive moment of photography there!!!


  3. All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Noms in bed? Another glorious day in the meadow! A day in the horse paddock is like a day on the…er… farm. Every bucket of oats is a banquet! Every blankie a comfort! Every canter a parade! I LOVE the meadow!

  4. Lol. That is fantastic!

  5. Ah ha ha ha ha! I don’t know what’s funnier, the photo or the caption! Kudos to all.

  6. Eeeeew, but it’s creepy! The little horse growing in the big horse’s mouth–it’s like when they find ‘tumors’ with teeth that are actually absorbed twins . . . .

  7. Just what I needed to start my Monday–a good belly laugh! Thanks, NTMTOM!

  8. That’s an awesome capture. Poor Ripley will never get away from those darn aliens.

  9. 😯

  10. oh Juno, exactly!

  11. 😯 😯 😯 😯

  12. 😆 If the other horse also had his mouth open it would of been perfect! As it is, creepy/funny, a typical great NTMTOM story!

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Is there a “Creepy or Cute” tag available?

  14. I busted out laughing at this one

  15. I’ve heard of this, called fetus en fetu – Google at your own risk – consider your self warned! (Not for the squeamish!)

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    NOT A CHANCE IN YOU-KNOW-WHERE of my wandering there.


    (also a wimp)

  17. I was going to suggest evacuating in that silver escape pod, BUT IT’S GOT LEGS!!

  18. that is all

  19. Hmmm, I left a comment with a link and it never showed up , nor did it say it was in moderation. When I tried to repost, it said that I had already said that. I can’t find it, though.

  20. Whoa Nellie….this is just too creepy for CO!!! Funny, but creepy. Love horsies and their whinnies, but man did I say this was creepy…….?????

  21. This happens to me sometimes, and Sharpy has told me that it’s because things sometimes get caught in the spam filter, for unexplained mysterious baffling reasons…

  22. Blue Footed Booby says:

    There’s also teratoma, which is a tumor where cells get confused as to what exactly they’re supposed to be doing and start growing teeth, hair, or even heart cells. They can happen anywhere that skin folds inward to become something different, or even just a different kind of skin.

    I wonder if the ones that grow heart cells could provide some kind of avenue for lab-grown replacement hearts without the need for stem cells.

  23. Fascinating! 🙂