Creepy Cat Likes Your Shower Cap

Says owner and photographer Shayna P., “I had to submit these this morning after he walked in on me in the bathroom and decided to just sit inside the shower curtain…doing nothing…for a while…definitely confirmed to me that my cat is a creep.”



  1. Awww… it just means he wuvs you! The marmie boys are lovers!

  2. Or he’s checking that you’re really washing under that horrible water stuff? Thinking “Really humans, what’s wrong with washing with your tongues?”

  3. My cat used to watch me when I showered. We realized that it was because of his separation anxiety. He just wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to leave him!

  4. Awww – he’s no creep – he’s CUTE! He is has beadie peekers because he wants to play! Go hug him and don’t call him mean names…po’ kitteh.

  5. Kitteh taking a curtain call for his performance in “Singing in the Drain.” Or was it “Wet-side Story”?

  6. This is exactly the sort of harmful message cat-owners are getting from stuff like the Twilight series — that stalking, controlling behavior is actually love.

    Trust me, IRL if a marmie bites you, it doesn’t turn you into a marmie. I speak from experience, here.

  7. That bundle of qte can spy on me in the shower any day. 🙂

  8. It’s like Paula Poundstone jokes. Her cats stare at her in the shower like, “How can you SURVIVE that?!”

  9. Catwhisperer says:

    My dearly departed Traddles (who looked a LOT like the kitty in the photo) would do this every day. He’d walk between the two curtains and peek around one of the ends, meowing very loudly, and incessantly, until I moistened the top of his head. Only then would he get down and continue the rest of his own morning ablutions. (And not for nothing, but I loved the smell of his wet head, and kissing it always made me giggle!)

  10. Also: “It was awful! Water all over you and nothing we could do!”

  11. Awwww, he’s not creepy, he’s cute! He’s just being a cat–they LOOOOOVE to feel like they’re hidden.

  12. Cutest little stalker ever!!! My cat does this all the time – she hides between the two curtains and then tries to poke me while I’m in the tub. It’s quite fun. This little Marmie seems harmless enough to me…but maybe be a little bit extra careful…just in case!

  13. Hehehe….that is so adorable. My cat Sophie had a vaguely disturbing habit of coming into the bathroom when I was in the bath, putting her front paws on the top of the bath…and just looking at me lying there in the water, with a look of sheer consternation (or was it disgust?) on her face. Then without a word, she would turn tail and stalk out of the bathroom.

  14. HA HA hahahahahaahahah lololololololol

  15. I dont know but I would suggest doing a thorough security sweep of the house. That marmie cutie has been up to something. Maybe taking pictures of you, in the shower, with your IPhone. Or starting the car with the remote starter. Turning the lawn sprinklers on with the puppy trapped outside.

  16. Maybe he’s just wondering why you have a camera in the shower…glad you did, though!

  17. megamissystar says:

    Exactly! Mine are siblings, a marmalade and a calico, and they like to come in and visit me whilst I’m showering. There’s nothing creepy about it. I think they are fascinated by the falling water.

  18. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    My Philo does that too!

  19. First place I’d look is YouTube. I agree that Mr. McMarmiesons has mischief on his mind. 🙂

  20. My dear departed Steve used to climb to the top of the shower doors, which formed a little shelf, and sleep up there while I was in the shower. As she got sleepier and sleepier, her stripey little arms would start to dangle down on either side, so she’d hook her little thumb-claws on the edge of the shelf.

    Then there was Libby, who’d rush into the bathroom with whoever got there first, the very first thing in the morning, and DEMAND LOVINS RIGHT NAO. It’s like she thought we died every night and resurrected in the morning, she was so glad to see us.

  21. It’s the Red Menace!

  22. He just worried that you’ll drown in there Shayna.

  23. 😆 AWW 😆 Your kitty wants to make sure you are okay in the tub, Pamela Lawrence Jessen 😆

  24. Same here, Rachael 😀 Of course, kitty would have to sit outside of the shower stall in my bathroom to do any spying on me in the shower 😀

  25. Blue Footed Booby says:

    When my labrador was young he managed to headbutt the bathroom door open one time (I guess I hadn’t latched it) and jump in the shower with me. It was hilarious…except for the cold nose. x_x

  26. “Oh. Hai.”

  27. Shouldn’t that be *O*?

  28. Stealth kitty stalks you in your shower.

  29. I think all kitties are creeps. And it’s wonderful 🙂

  30. Kari Callin says:

    Wow! An honest to gosh peeping tom cat! 😉

  31. Oh Yeah! My darling Stinky loved to sit between the tub and the curtain. He also used to like to sit on the other side of the curtain from wherever I was, and poke me through the curtain. 😀

  32. HAW

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    *looks at you in that familiar 16-year old girl scornful facial expression*

    *Well, what’d you EXPECT??? Isn’t that the reason why you put UP the
    shower curtain, in the first place; for his amusement????”

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    ka-CHING, Kari 🙂


  35. Well, the cats neither pointing and laughing nor shrekking and covering his eyes so that’s an ego boost.

  36. Did you name him after the character in David Copperfield?

  37. “Beadie peekers” *snerk*

  38. Totes. 😛

  39. I bow to your brilliance

  40. Smallthunder says:

    My cat hangs out right outside the tub/shower, and it has nothing to do with concern for my well-being, missing my presence, desiring affection or a bit of playtime. Nope, he has just one thing on his mind: he wants me to hurry up and get out of there so that he can drink up whatever water is left on the bottom. He can’t possibly drink water from that … that … cat bowl. Heck, no. He has to drink from wherever is most inconvenient at the time. I have to pretend to leave *my* glass of water in odd places just to keep that critter hydrated.

  41. Smallthunder says:

    Oh, and of course — he thinks the very best water is found in the toilet bowl.

  42. He resembles Ceiling Cat!

  43. Aaahhhnnnn! *head tilt*

  44. Catwhisperer says:

    I did, indeed! You’d be amazed (dismayed?) by how many people didn’t catch that.

  45. Creepy, no. But definitely judgemental. “How come you don’t have as much fur as me? Why can’t you wash yourself with spit like a normal creature? How can somebody that tall be so fat and ignorant?”

  46. My cat likes to hang out in between the shower curtain and the liner. She also likes to play in the wet bathtub after I shower. 🙂

    I shut the bathroom door when I’m actually showering, but I invariably open it afterwards to find both my cats sitting outside expectantly. “There you are! We thought you left us!”