C.O. Brain Buster!

Can you move any three pups to form the word “parliamentarian” without rubbing their bellies and cooing “who’s a cute fuzzums wuzzums”? (answer in hovertext.)

More photos at Obsessive Corgi Disorder. Bonus “making-of” video!



  1. “fuzzums wuzzums”? Forget the coffee-table book, I want the NTMTOM Book of Pet and Baby Names and Their Meanings! You are a GEEEN-ius, Mike!

    P.S. Hope your mom is doing okay! 🙂

  2. I’ll take the six-pack of Corgis Lite, please.

  3. I found it sort of funny that the video is titled “Cute 10 puppies = Chaos!” when everything is actually serene and orderly in the video. It makes more sense if you look at part 1, though, where all the puppies are scampering about.

  4. Are all puppehs so tolerant and poseable when they’re tired? Because I have the day off, and there’s a puppy store like a mile from my apartment, and…. well, inquiring minds and all.

  5. Shoot, I used the bad-word-that-isn’t-really-a-bad-word (puppeh but with real spelling). I should also add that I would never buy a puppeh at a puppeh store (rescues all the way!), but I am guilty of drooling over the cute little fuzzballs in the window from time to time.

  6. corgicam rules!

  7. Oh em gee this is keeling mee! All these corgi pics of late, it’s like a sign telling me to get a corgi again, already. Oy!

  8. Aren’t we all!

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    This begs SO many questions!!
    Namely HOW?
    1) How did they get all the puppehs to be so still?
    2) How did the photographers survive that much contained cuteness?
    3) How did it look after the photographer made a loud noise and woke them all up?
    4) How do I get me one (or six) of them?

    Corgi Curious

  10. I just want to curl up amid this landscape of cute and nap in a sunbeam all day.

  11. I’m curious about the “To be continued … ” blurb. Corgi Jenga? Corgi Hold’Em?

  12. Not fair!! She has 10 and I have none!

  13. One of these is not like the others, what does the milkpuppeh look like?

  14. I NEED to snurgle some bellies!!!

  15. Down and out for the count, definition of.

  16. Oh Mah Gahd! Could you die?!!??!!

  17. fleurdamour says:

    Snorgling Corglings!

  18. Sasha's Mum says:

    A few privacy tails needed there … wait, whaddaya mean Pembrokes don’t have real tails?!

  19. Womble girl says:

    Yes! She’s hogging the baby corgis! *pouts*

  20. Privacy tails indeed – boys should be on their fronts and girls on their backs!

  21. Corgi symmetry is so important to your Corgi block formations.

  22. Just how much tryptophan is in their diet?

  23. I like the the aerodogmatic go-faster posish…but then there’s the belleh-snorgling posish: decisions, decisions — but then we can get three of each!

  24. They seem drugged. If so, that would NOT be cute!

  25. Where’s Tracylee?? I would figure her head would splode with all the nommable ears and paws available. Tracylee???!!
    If she’s not here…I will commence the nomming myself 🙂

  26. No: I am a Royalist.

  27. I agree, I’m uneasy about it, doesn’t seem normal.

  28. I’ve had kittens that would sleep like the dead and could be posed in any shape I fancied. Pretty sure there’s nothing but exhaustion going on here. If you saw these little guys yapping in the video posted above, it’s clear why they’re so tie-tie.

  29. Someone wave the smelling salts or snausages so that we know this isn’t a weird taxidermy project.

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    YAY! *shakes pom poms*

  31. Yeah, I was wondering if they slipped some bourbon in the milk to keep them that still, but if you have the patience, letting them play themselves into exhaustion works too. Can’t be easy to get all 6 of them exhausted at the same time, though.

  32. All the good parts will be gone by the time Tracylee arrives on the scene. Hehehehe. 🙂

  33. Blue Footed Booby says:

    This made me snortlaugh.

  34. wuyizidi- if I was drinking coffee, it’d be all over the keyboard for that one! Hilarity!

  35. As well as:

    1) How did they decide who goes up and who goes down?
    2) Do their paws all smell like corn chips?
    3) Are these simply trained actors in Corgi suits?