Bright Idea, Hamster

Sorry, I can’t stop to chat right now. Bob’s giving his twice-monthly “cat avoidance strategies” presentation and he forgot his laser pointer.

“Heard strange noises in the middle of the night only to find this guy,” writes Reddit user jordanomac.



  1. No way. That has got to weigh more than him!

  2. Kleptohammieac.

  3. Makes you wonder what they get into when you’re NOT home. 🙂

  4. Excellent color choice. That purple against the pale orange fur looks simply marvelous. And I love the “Busted!” look on the tiny face.

  5. What a cute little housekeeper’s helper. See how he uses the laser pointer to highlight how someone left dirty laundry on the floor instead of putting it in a laundry basket.

  6. Fird Birfle says:


  7. Fird Birfle says:

    BEF FTW!!!!! 🙂

  8. “only to find this guy” makes me wonder: Did he not know he had hamsters? Does he let his hamsters roam free?
    I need answers, darn it.

  9. I was wondering that as well… We never have surprise hammie guests chez nous, but that could have something to do with our cats.

    Answers, please!

  10. If they do roam free, I’d be scared of stepping on one!

  11. Hamsters are escape artists and every new hamster owner has to find out for himself just how wiley these active rodents really are! I once kept a hamster content with habitrail by buying a new section every month and reconfiguring his tubes with every cleaning but the tubes got very dirty and were awful to clean. That was my last hamster.
    Still, gotta wonder what his pets are up to if the hamster is out at night stealing lasers!

  12. Hamsters with frickin’ lasers on their heads!

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Years ago we had a hamster named Arthur and occassionally we would hear a scratching in our closet in the middle of the night. We’d turn over and say to each other “hamster’s in the closet”, then get up and search through the shoes to find the little @$%&*! cutie and take him back to his cage in the living room. Ahh, memories!

  14. And if they roam free how about hammie poo all over the house?

  15. But hammie poo is cute!

  16. You would say that 😆

  17. How can he even clamp his jaws around it? 😯

  18. Yes they are VERY good at Escaping!!! I have had 2 one that I found under my fridge!!! Dirty but alive (dirty– long story). The other one found her way to my bed!!! She climbed up my blanket!!! and woke me up around 7 am on a Sat. Dangerous thing to do!!! OK why do I feel the need to visit PetSmart soon???

  19. I live my hammie Abbey free in the living room, of course all the cables are up, no carpets, no weird cabinets and the floor is always clean. I hide nuts and seeds around the room, she collects them all and takes it back to her home. I only allow this for maybe 1 hour. I always check on her. I figure is a nice thing for her to do, allows her instincts to run wild for a while gathering everything she finds in her path!