Our Cup Bunneth Over

How not to pour a cup o’ bun:

Woopsies. Somebody get a towel.

Sorry about the mess, Buzzfeed



  1. I’m perfectly fine with the bun spilling everywhere. ^_^

  2. My cup bunneth over.

  3. …and my brain dumbeth over. Note to self: read titles before posting.

  4. *Elaine Benes voice* GET! OUT!!!

  5. Making the highly coveted bunny-poo coffee beans no doubt.

  6. Enjoy them while they are small. Mine seemed to gow up so fast but they are still my baby bunnies.

  7. I like bunnies 🙂

  8. You were obvy struck dumb by teh cte! Happens to the best of us! 🙂

  9. 🙂

  10. It was the tiny white stripe on the bunnlet’s head that sent me over the edge…

  11. Once they get about two months old, they lose the white stripe. Though one of my babies still loves to have his head stroked where the stripe used to be…Maybe he thinks he still has his stripe….

  12. Here we see the peculiar properties of bunium; the only substance known to exhibit superfluidity at room temperature.