Mom Taxi: Be Vewwy Vewwy Qui-eet!

(Shhhhhh! Ah’m hopin’ this hoomin doesn’t know I am hitchin’ a ride on her neck….)

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  1. Those two are so are so cute they must be twins.

  2. Now THAT’S a hair clip I could live with !!!

  3. can you imagine how squee-worthy it must be to feel those teensy little handsies hanging onto you? squeeeeee!!!

  4. I demand a hand-hance.

  5. fleurdamour says:

    Her marsupial hirsute ponytail

  6. fleurdamour says:

    It’s literally a ponytail holder.

  7. The Original Jane says:

    Is it a marmoset or what?

  8. Looks like a slllloooooowwww loris. :3

  9. If she doesn’t suspect she has a little passenger, she won’t notice when I pop it in my mouf. 😛

  10. Now that a reason I agree with to not cut my hair!

  11. These clips have gotten so life like. Remember when they looked like this?

  12. He is cute 🙂

  13. I could handle a face-hance for better contemplation of da cte! 🙂

  14. But you will notice if it poops in your mouf

  15. There’s something missing form this conversation. *Looks around. *Where’s Skippymom?

  16. Checks hair in mirror. 😦 No adorable hitchhiken’ hairclip. Barooo.

  17. The Original Jane says:

    If it’s a slow loris, it must be a baby. Very cute.

  18. Awww… you need a taxi, little guy? You don’t have to sneak around. I’ll ferry you free of charge. *offers empty neck*

  19. Kari Callin says:

    “Maybe it’s a tumor?”
    ” It’s not a tu-mah!”

  20. world’s smallest hairdresser

  21. Indeed (yeuch)!

  22. It is a travel-sized massage therapist!

  23. Ah, so teensy. I wanna carry it around all day and when I’m sad, just look at that face. Who needs therapy? All I want are tiny animals.

  24. Oh man, I only just got my soul back from when it was eeted by a soul-sucking-sealio. Now this little lorris dude has sucked it in with his eyes!

  25. Is that a Kling-on? It surely looks furryious

  26. Womble girl says:

    What about a teeny fuzzy earsie-hence? Pleeeeease?

  27. Whatever it is, I’ll take two, please.

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    skippymom is under the “dancing” turtle/ tortoise, describing how a turtle/ tortoise peed all over her ….

  29. lol to the l!

  30. Pandanonymous says:

    Adorable pic. That is a slow loris. If you read the reddit entry, that woman works for a rescue organization and the slow loris pictured is an orphan. That’s what makes this pic ‘ok’. Slow lorises often featured in home-videos and at-home pics are nocturnal primates that should never be pets. The illegal exotic pet trade is destroying the species.