Bunny Festival And Pignic Today!

Attention all Bun Heads in the Santa Barbara, CA area! Today is the 2012 Bunny Festival & Pignic! It’s a Bunefit for B.U.N.S! As their site says, “Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (B.U.N.S.) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that cares for stray and abandoned rabbits at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter.”

All the BunFun™ is at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. The time is noon-4 PT, and all the deets are right here!



  1. And don’t forget the guinea pigs are invited too!

  2. If they had done this when I lived in SB, I wouldn’t have left. (And if they did hold the festival, why didn’t they tell me?)

  3. B.U.N.S. is a fantastic name for a bunny rescue! And “pignic” is hilarious. These clever people are doing good work. If only Virginia was closer to California…

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    Gulp. Holds hand up tentatively? Dang. There’s already a marmie cat sort of destnined to live/hang out in my house…

  5. The white peegs at 0:37 brought back souvenir of the first peeg I had when I was a child Boule de neige (Snow Ball).

  6. CRAP!!! It is too late in the day to get a flight there!! And oh how I would if I could. What a magical and wondrous place is Santa Barbara with its bunny festival!

  7. Ick, that song…

  8. Awwww I work in SB, why couldn’t they do this yesterday when I was down there!!?? My kiddos would probably love this, we might have to make the trip. :p They might not want to leave without a sweet disapproving bun though…

  9. OMG, I live in SB but just want downtown yesterday- not sure if I want to deal with all the busyness (and new UCSB students & parents) again.

  10. YAY! *waving pompoms*

  11. That looks like my house all the time….

  12. Queenie, are you saying you’ve acquired a Cat of Dork?

  13. Details, woman!!! *keeping toes, fingers and eyes crossed for a happy outcome*

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Ummmm. It’s cute. It’s a kitten. It’s orange and white. Princess of Dork and this kitten are already in love. Crap and dang it. We’ve already tentatively named him Mango, after the favorite fruit of the Princess and because the kitten’s fur is the color of a mango when peeled. *sigh. I think I’m screwed.*

  15. Adorable, adorable bunnehs.
    Just gotta watch it on “mute”. That music makes me want to throw tupperwear.

  16. I LIKE Parry Grip.
    I can’t believe nothing like this festival goes on near ME! Indiana is sooooo boring!

  17. So who knew Santa Barbara would dedicate a day to so much disapproval?

  18. That song is now going to be in my head forever. Thank you so much for providing Hell with another tune for its soundtrack.

  19. Now if only they would feature this on Psych…

  20. I understand that cuddling a Rabbit is very Bunnificial to the work of Spiritual Peace – the Rabbit is a philosopher – my Bunnifactor says so – I trust him oimplicitly

  21. Womble girl says:

    I don’t care how many thousand miles away this is I want to be there now!!!

  22. There was a pignic in MD yesterday (sorry no bunnies though). It’s run by the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. They had pinatas for the kids (one even shaped like a poo…a guineapoopyata) and costume contests.

  23. YES! As I always say, “Every home should have an orange cat, and every orange cat should have a home.” This is not an occasion for *sighing*–this is an occasion for CELEBRATING!! Another sweet marmie has a home. And “Mango” is a GREAT name–it’s one of the ones I suggested when some friends were naming their marmie (they went with ‘Simon.’).

  24. Oh goody, just the happy outcome I was hoping for. 🙂

  25. *Happy Sigh* Congratulations to the “of Dork” household! May you have many, many delisheeus snorgles, huggles, and keeses over many years! 🙂 *Waves mango slices at QoD*

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    San Diego’s Bunnyfest was two weeks ago. Loved discovering new vendors!!

  27. warrior rabbit says:

    (Because I needed *more* bunny stuff and T-shirts. Yeeeeaaaaahhh. That’s it.)

  28. Yes! With at least one Columbian bunny!