My parents asked me to puppy sit. This is what I sent them 15 minutes after they left.

Brilliant poster Massachoosite posted this image and cap-shons over on Reddit. Bone Appétit! [groan]



  1. *is unsure whether to lol or be horrified*

  2. The directions said “bake until golden.” I think it’s done.

  3. Hehehe !!!!


  5. MWAH HA HA good one.

  6. This is lollable, as puppy is clearly too big for the pot, and can easily jump out.

    Is there a Rule of Cuteness pertaining to being WAY too big for something?

  7. I believe this is a take off of the baby in the pot picture…….but the puppy is SOOOOO much cuter!

  8. Pup is all, “I AM NOT SURE I’M OKAY WITH THIS!”

  9. I hope her parents have the same sense of humor or someone may fiend herself written out of the will 😆

  10. Someone needs to photoshop in a flame on the eye. Puppy stew. It’s good for you!

  11. SO cute! Tasty triever!

  12. I’m the only one thinking about dog butt in the soup pan?

  13. I’m sure they washed and rinsed it in the collienders first [a green and a red one, stage right]

  14. Not a cool picture. Your sense of humor is warped.

  15. Perhaps you would like cocker au vin? Le specialite du maison!

  16. Dog butt is fine. It’s cat farts you have to worry about.

  17. fleurdamour says:

    Pupper? Oh, I thought you said SUPPER! My bad.

  18. fleurdamour says:

    And human ones.

  19. My brother once asked my parents to baby sit his 6 month old puppy for 2 weeks. When he came home, they refused to give the puppy back because they’d fallen in love with the little golden boy. It actually worked out great for everyone (especially the very spoiled doglet). 🙂

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    yes — several — many of which, show hyoomin food dishes like thees one.

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    to mithrel:
    tell ya what. I’ll be horrified for ya.
    Brought up Catholic, etc etc. I can handle that job 🙂

  22. Good cooks know you must butt-er the pan to keep food from sticking.

  23. this is a dish best nommed cold…. nosh nosh nosh

  24. BADABUM!

  25. Needs some carrots and taters.

  26. Frenchie farts have them all beat! I swear my little guy can peel paint! How can such a horrendous smell come from such a cute butt is beyond me…

  27. And so it is, Madame (as bad a bum as I’ve ever come across, that is).

  28. Guilty as charged! The magic word is “humor!”

  29. Apparently puppy will become more tender and precious with some kale and wine vinegar.

  30. Or a German Shepherd’s Pie?

  31. My parents took care of my new kitten for 1.5 months while I had a breakdown this summer. They gave him back, no problem, but just this week they went to the breeder and got one of their own! Three dogs, two hoomins, one cat…

  32. A sequel to “Fatal Attraction”?

  33. fleurdamour says:

    ‘Sup, b*tches?

  34. fleurdamour says:

    Reduce with a wine sauce, the hair of the dog that bit you.

  35. And to drink, I recommend a hearty oatmeal snout.

  36. Ooh, this is not funny.

  37. Ok, now THAT wasn’t funny.

  38. Sibling rivalry turned bad.

  39. It’s always funny to me that there’s someone ‘not pleased’ with the animals in a pot photos. I always joked my pug would make a nice rump roast… and I’m betting the people who take these photos really aren’t going to cook their pets!!!

  40. Yeah I kind of can’t believe people are nuffin’ this one, it’s cute (and funny)

  41. warrior rabbit says:


  42. Not a cool comment. Your sense of humor is broken.

  43. That is brilliant! And twisted at the same time.

  44. touche!

  45. What’s taters, Precious?