Manatee Takes A Shower

Mr. Manatee McPorkster decided to float drop by this backyard for a shower. Sure, happens all the time! Check the toothy smile @ :34 that will MOS DEF bring a tear to your eye, and don’t miss the Super Chubbular Bellah Roll™ @ :46!

Well said: “This is something really special,” Poeetic5.


  1. Blorptastic action! I love the adorable kid voices as well. “I love you, manatee.” I agree with the little one.

  2. I agree. The sweet giggles and little girl’s cute “I love you manatee” are adorable! What a seriously cool experience. Manatees seem like such gentle giants.

  3. Those kids will have the memory of a lifetime. I love their giggles too. The manatee seemed to enjoy them also. Loved the toothy smile……

  4. That was just lovely. Wish my backyard had a manatee. Feral kitteh and her 5 adorable kittens would enjoy playing with it.

  5. Where is this backyard that Manatees can float by for a visit???

  6. That’s what I was thinkin’. And to think, most of us only have birdbaths.

  7. Probably Florida R.G.

  8. In Australia we call them Dugongs, it’s an Aboriginal name. I love the bit at the end when he/she hoovers up that floating weed and you can see the nose holes.

  9. I know! That was one of my favourite bits as well. Dugong. It suits them…it’s a
    “round” sort of a name.

  10. smallthunder says:

    Actually, a dugong is not the same animal as a manatee — although they are closely related. You can tell them apart, I’m told, by the tail. A dugong’s tail is fluked like a whale.

    You cannot, however, tell them apart my cuteness level — they are both friggin’ adorable.

  11. Yep, Manatees have the round tain, while dugongs have the fluked tail. If I remember correctly their faces are slightly different, too. They’re both in the same family, though, and flippin’ adorbs! :)

  12. A few years ago I went swimming and snorkeling with manatees. I petted them and one of them kissed me on the face (tho I had a mask on)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Barbara Manatee (manatee, manatee), you are the one for me (one for me, one for me).
    Sent from up above (up above, up above), you are the one I love (Barbara, oh Barbara)……….

  14. LOVE!!!! LOL – I was wondering if anyone would post that or not!! Thanks!!

  15. Sometimes I move like that in the shower too…hahahahha

  16. Mystery schnozzle at 1:12!


  18. Fird Birfle says:


  19. That took me a minute. Worth it.

  20. I wish I had a pool in my yard – just love the way it takes a snack of water-weed, and the sound of the so darling little kids – I wanted to reply to her – “Yes love, so do I love him” lets offer him some of the salad – I am sure it is safe to pet the thing – they are – vegetarian aren’t they

  21. Blorptastic!! The giggles and squeals are the best part.

  22. Holy goodness, the little girl squealing “I LOVE THAT MANATEE” just made it for me!

  23. Me too! That was precious!

  24. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Where **IS** this magical place?!?!

  25. Aaaaah, must be Florida. When I lived there we lived on a canal and would often have manatees and dolphins in our back yard. Best back yard EVER!!!
    (We could often be found in the canal with the manatees, but didn’t jump in too often with the dolphins cause wild male dolphins are not always nice.)

  26. Although this is EXTREMELY cute, I am completely horrified if this is a wild manatee!!! Feeding/watering wild manatees is not only illegal, but it is detrimental to their survival. This is part of the reason they are on the endangered species list people! Although this manatee clearly enjoys it, feeding and watering wild manatees causes them to associate people with water or food, and teaches them to seek out humans, which often are found on dangerous boats with sharp propellor blades. If you think this manatee is cute, please please please refrain from feeding, watering, or petting wild manatees or any other marine mammals.

  27. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It’s not illegal to pet them (or water them) if they come up to you, nor to let them eat things they eat naturally that just happen to be near you. It’s not like they were tossing it popcorn.

  28. I’m pretty sure there is no law against spraying a manatee with a hose.

  29. I agree with the other posters – the little girl at 1:08 squealing “I love that manatee” was adorable (actually, she reminded me of the little girl playing with the dead “sqweel”!). I have never seen a manatee before, and while I understand the concern expressed by the one poster about feeding them, etc. in the wild, I think that if you are approached by one, it’s okay to offer some interaction – just don’t give it food).

    What a great memory for them all and I’m glad they’ve got it on video!

  30. WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! |
    We don’t have manatees in north Alabama!

    IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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