Wombatman! The Finale

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Wombatmaaan!

Holy snoozing super hero and sleppeh sidekick, Wombatman!

I amzzz Wombatmanzzzz. I willzzz fight ferrr justizzzzzz …

Who forgot to tell Wombatman that evil NEVER SLEEPS?

Bat’s all, folks! Via Buzzfeed.



  1. Does this mean that (gulp!) Wombatman can go back to being a (gulp!) regular wombat? Holy sleppy eyecapsyules! I loffs de wombatses! Even the regular ones!

  2. I want to go back to bed on a cold rainy morning and snuggle up all warm and comfy with the babeh wombats..

  3. “Hey, shove over! You’re stealing all the womblankie!”

  4. A very satisfying ending to a great series. Nap on, Wombatman.

  5. It is IMPERATIVE that the Universe sends me a wombat or two, right now. These two will do quite nicely, thank you.

  6. Positively the most boopable nose I’ve ever seen. It’s like a giant button, just asking for it.

  7. Yawnnnn…You got me Wombatman, i surrender…yawnnnn again.
    Take me to your warm fuzzy Wombatcave…yawnnnnn…zzzzz…..

  8. Fighting evil takes a lot of energy. Nap well, Wombatman and sidekick!

  9. What is the name of Wombatman’s sidekick? “Wombin”? “Rombat”?

  10. I can’t decide if that’s his sidekick or his arch-nemisis.

    “Dude, you are NOT my arch-nemisis.”

  11. *giggle*

  12. Is that Joseph Gordon-Wombat?

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    I vote “Wombin”.

  14. they dont even seem real.

  15. What sport do you play with a wombat?


    (i stole that from the oatmeal.)

  16. The eye capsules!!!!! I formally request a COXCU!

  17. A nice idea…

  18. Agree, the most boopable noses! And approve of eye capsules close up!
    *gets out markers and poster board, begins making signs, even tho this rarely works*