What of it?

This is my happy place. Don’t ruin it.

That one is a real swinger, seanilliamic.



  1. The bulldogs have taken over the playground!

  2. You gona push me or what?

  3. Why the hang-dog face?

  4. I want an action shot of the ears, cheeks, and tongue flapping in the breeze as the puppy swings the afternoon away

  5. Awww the grumpy old puppy is trying to Flash his junk at us and give us a giant raspberry.

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    Of course, seeing this from the lower edge of ‘Murica, my qwestyun is:

    “How ‘BOUT them DAWGS????” 😉

    (anybody for whom that is not immediately obvy, please see information re.
    Univ/ GA aka UGGA)

  7. I’m just going to sit here with my side eye and pout until you give me a push.

  8. Gary Bechtel says:

    This is my official THANK YOU to the great state of Georgia for sharing with the other state “Texas” the gift of Lewis Grizzard. He was what now is a missing piece of my life.
    Go Dawgs!!


  9. My cousin and her family are RABID Dawgs fanatics. They’ve even used pics taken at the game as their Christmas card pictures!!

  10. We shall fight on the swing set
    We shall fight on the merry-go-round
    We shall never surrender!

  11. I was having a grumpy morning until I saw this in my inbox. I laughed ’til I cried. HILARIOUS!!!!! Thanks CO!

  12. The world is going to the dogs!!! Who needs a push…..

  13. Womble girl says:

    Cos no-one’s pushing the swing!

  14. Womble girl says:

    I just got that pun! B-)

  15. Those dogs crack me up. They look like construction workers or truck drivers. All he needs is a big fat stogie hanging out of his mouth.

  16. Kari Callin says:

    I was here first, so THERE! (sticks tongue out)