Wombatman! Episode 4

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Wombatmaaan!

Holy treacherous ensnarement, Wombatman!

Wombatman is getting reports Gotham City is in TROUBLE! Nothing can stop Wombatman!

Will Wombatman escape the villain’s clutches IN TIME?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Buzzfeed! Same Wombat time. Same Wombat channel.



  1. BattyCat pushes Wombatmaan to safety and gives wombeecutie two nose beeps for good luck. In a moment of inspiration BattyCat jumps into the arms of the evil human in order to save Gotham City and get some free cuddles.

    Wombatmaan drives off in his wombimobile. Will he make it to Gotham before rush hour traffic hits? Will the evil villain deploy school buses to thwart Wombatmaan’s rush to the city and destroy all hope for the good citizens of Gotham?

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Wombatmaaan!

  2. Be here next week for the exiting conclusion!
    Same Wombat time!
    Same Wombat channel!

  3. Womble girl says:

    I want to cuddle a wombat too! My arms are sadly empty of wombats….

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Like the world’s most awkward and stocky kitten.

  5. Feelin’ all cuddly-like after a good meal. Smart li’l Wombattersons!

  6. these cliffhangers are killing me!

    look at how roly poly wombatman is! i vote for more roly polyness in superheroes!!

    keep up the good work, wombatman. we’re counting on yeu!!

  7. Roly poly is practically my favorite quality. Except in men, of course. 🙂

  8. OH.

  9. MinglesMommy says:

    Same here…. I want a wombat now!

  10. They’re nature’s little bulldozers.

  11. Ack! It’s official (at least to me), wombats are the new sloths! WANT.

  12. Hey, Wombatman needs no cuddles. Your ruining my cred and my mystique!

  13. Of course, Wombatman needs cuddlews! He’s not growed up yet! Everybody needs cuddles, including (aherm) me.

  14. Go Wombatman! We need your gorgeousness every day!

  15. Poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti had a pet wombat that lived in (and presumably dug up) his garden. We need more pet wombats!

  16. More to the point I don’t think Wombatman looks like he wants to escape those clutches. NAnananananananananana Wombat man! LOL I have been singing that song in my head for two days now!

  17. If Wombatman has to go save the City, I’ll volunteer to take his place in the villain’s arms. Those nice, strong, blonde-haired arms…..

  18. smallthunder says:

    “Unhand me, you villain!”

  19. I really don’t get the wombat thing….but I proudly support the rights of all wombat lovers. So, get all the wombat cuddles you like and leave the kittehs and puppehs for me 🙂

  20. Wombats make HBHS yr 7 camp at Coolendel extra special! We LOVE them!

  21. Angel, your halo may be tilting a bit to the side there….

  22. waaa... whuuu?

  23. oh, i love cuteoverloaders.