THIS JUST IN: McPiggersons Snoozin’

The schnozzle. Hair tufts. Leetle smile.

AND the one hoofster dangling in the air!

Take eet aaaaall in.

This snorfalicious photo via Gersbermz.



  1. WOW.

  2. Somebody poke this cutie’s belly!!

  3. I want to join this little yummy bite on the carpet for a snorgle.

  4. I want to join this little yummy bite on the carpet for a snorgle.

  5. smallthunder says:

    You can say that again!

    Oh, wait a minute — you did.


    I guess I’ll just second that motion, then …

  6. That is one super clean carpet, all the more impressive for the little dozing tenant there.

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    Happy Peeg!
    I bet he’s dreaming of acres of muddy fields and gallons of slops!
    PS–is the litter box in the background for the PEEG?!

  8. You have outdone youself with these three posts tonight. LOVE!

    Need hoofhance, pleeeeze!

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    I thought the same. Thees peegie seems to be visiting Maru(spiffy clean carpets; altho’ ackshually Maru’s home is mostly hardwood floors,,,ANyway …) 😉

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    word — to yo’ mama. 🙂

  11. OH. MAH. GAWWWWD! The trotters! The trotters!

  12. Gosh-darned posting via the iPad while under the influence of teh Qte.

  13. If I had a micropig, I would *never* leave the house. “Hello Work… No, not today, sorry. I have fourteen hours of intensive snorgling to do… Yes, again.”

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    No dot on this side. Lose your turn and any accumulated points for this round.

  15. Martha in Washington says:

    What’s good today in the lounge? Something nice and mild, I hope, for my sick tummy. Vanilla pudding and tea perhaps?

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    My mudder always suggested 7-up or Sprite [NOT COLA], for sugars and a bit of salt and saltines, esp oyster crackers also for salt and sl. bland but yet tasty.