The Look Of Love

Ees een your eyes…

Reddit goodness c/o tmwhtkr.



  1. I cannot take it
    I cannot I cannot

    the ears, the paws, the leeps, the schnozz…
    I’ll buy you a big mac, puppeh, if you’ll just come home with me

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Golden retriever puppies are literally made of love. It’s confirmed by science.

  3. And this is my audition for “Lassie, Come Home!” Ya see, there’s this part where Lassie’s waiting for her boy to get out of school, and she’s supposed to be lookin’ real sad and cute, and ….. Do you think I got the part?

  4. Lays a trail of Big Mac’s, chicken nuggets, and french fries for the puppy to follow to my porch.

  5. Amen and Alleluia! All puppies are cute, golden retriever puppies DEFINE cute!

  6. That puppeh is so cute, I almost didn’t notice the crabgrass (which is my nemesis).

  7. It really is futile to resist.

  8. Ah lovely bébé puppeh, I will give you ze Big Mac but also ze Royale with cheese and ze bouchées of ze chicken!

  9. Ba-da-ba-bah-dah, he’s lovin’ it.

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    Mah luuv fohr yew, ees not a sparke. Eet ees a flame…a beeg, roahring flame …..

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    Birdcage, I so understand the tr@uma you’ve experienced.
    Here, lie down, on this fainting cowsche. Now, tell me all about your childhood.

    And your mother. Did she transplant crabgrass, under your bedroom window? How did this conflict begin???

    Not that psychotherapist, the other psychotherapist…

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    Mme Gigi, dew yew perhaps mean zee bouchees of
    zee POULET ???? 😉


  13. I’m done for the day. I can’t get any work done as long as this pup is staring into my eyes.

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    Staring into your eyes?? Don’t you mean, staring into your very *soul*?!?

  15. Hey, wait now this puppy is trying to steal my credit cards…!

  16. nope, Sugitomo, not your credit cards…..your SOUL!

  17. There are two things in life I’d like to have. A vintage Aston Martin DB5, and then one of these puppehs. Then he could go for rides in my car.

  18. socalgirlie says:

    Big puppy paws and soulful brown eyes…… I’m in lufff!!!!!

  19. He reminds me of the dog from Up!