The Fairest Flippers of Them All

Turtle watchers in Florida got a double helping of cream when not one but two cream-colored turtles hatched on their beaches. The turtles are leucistic, meaning they have very little pigment (compared to albino, which has none).

More details in the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Photo by Amber Bridges.


  1. I’m a Blonde!

  2. That is a FANTASTIC turtley eyeball!!! *marvels*

  3. Fird Birfle says:


  4. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: FLA representin’ !!!!!

  5. It’s Slow White!

  6. pfft! oops. (wipes diet coke off comment)

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    I’m appreciating the specificity, that the cola was diet. That adds a whole ‘nother dimension to the description.

    Smart Alecky Kid

  8. His flipper thingies are bigger than his whole body. :)

  9. he’s not un-colored, the’s ehn-colored

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    He should do a commercial series for 7-up the Uncola.

  11. His flippers are bigger than his body!

  12. Dudes, it’s Little Squirt!

  13. Totally!

  14. Whoa!

  15. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Righteous! Righteous!

  16. One Skunk Todd says:

    As if! That is totally a valley turtle fer shure, like, OMG! WHAT-ever!

  17. Zey may not be ze usuels couleurs, but zey are ze merveilleux, and so beautifools. Thees leetle tortu has moische couleurs! I loffs eet. Eet does no even look vrai.

  18. thank you, jacques cutesteau…

  19. Blair is totally on a roll. Cutesteau, indeed…..wish I’d thought of that. :)

  20. Don’t you mean merci?

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    *enjoying all the intelligence & the wit hereabouts!!*

  22. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Hope this li’l surfer dude isn’t super-sensitive to the sun.

  23. Does he listen to Edgar Winter?

  24. only in the summer

  25. :D

  26. Asplode!

  27. Oh sorry, you were expecting coherence? Don’t be ridiculous! SQUEE!

  28. He looks like a wax candle! 8O

  29. fleurdamour says:

    Not vanilla, but maybe a subtle mint cream.

  30. Looks like someone wearing a light pink lip gloss smooched him on the noggin!

  31. I think his name is self-evident. He’s Riff Raff, of course.

  32. In Daytona, FL there is a candy shop called Angell and Phillips that makes little white chocolate candies and one of them is a turtle just about this size and almost a dead ringer for this fella. How appropriate.

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    ….and the article about the pic comes from the D Bch media !!!! so, “therefore, and thereunto appertainin'”, …….these facts might be pleasantly related!!! YAY

  34. He looks like he is made of marzipan.

  35. Fird Birfle says:


  36. Dinah and I used to work together. She still writes about the really neat stuff.


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