Hey, I Did You Guys a Favor

Do you remember the last time Grandma was here? Four solid hours of QVC later, she ran up a four-figure Visa bill buying rotating musical Tiffany lamps, a matching faux badger fur stole and boots, a complete set of Thomas Kinkade memorial potholders, and a six-month supply of “Forever Snooki” scented bath gels!

Oh, the shame of it!



  1. Janet in NYC says:

    Hilarious, and so true! I need a dog like this to help my mother lose some of her credit cards…

  2. If this guy visited MY mom’s house, he would be so tired of all the credit cards and chewing, he would give up the habit FOR LIFE!!

  3. It’s not theft; it’s an intervention! (A wienervention?)

  4. Or maybe he could just visit my house where we can’t afford any cards in our wallets…….and then we could just play all day and eat lots of treats instead of cards….what a cutie!!

  5. if she were buying sausages, that would be a different matter entirely!

  6. Boy, a guy tries to help curtail his grandma’s wildly impulsive spending habits and he ends up in the dog house for it. Some people are so ungrateful! 🙂

  7. Pupster was trying to buy Grammie a new purse that was more stylish, age appropriate, and had room for a puppy.

    And next week on Puppy Eye for the Strange Humans the pupster will try to add a belt, scarf, and shoes to the ensamble.

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    the Thomas Kinkade potholders, ALONE were a crime ….

  9. I had a klepto cat once, he would steal anything he could carry, belts, money, socks, gloves, screwdrivers, anything! He would always hide his loot under the bed but if you caught him in the act he would drop whatever he had in his mouth and lie down on it and then look at you all innocent like: What do you mean? What keys?.

  10. I have to read the dogshaming site at home, since it’s blocked here at work, but it is definitely worth the trouble, it is hi-LAR-ious!

  11. Wait…is the goggie ashamed for stealing things or for getting caught?

  12. You think he’s being all helpful until you realize he’s flipping them to an Eastern European credit card ring. Those dachsunds are fiendish!

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Klepto Kat !!

    — sorry, Gigi, it was his innocent look.
    I’d very much enjoy to see a Kat karrying a skrewdriver!!!!

  14. The first week I discovered it we could get to it at work. I guess I wasn’t the only one, though. The next Monday the shamed puppehs were no more. Probably for the best, I laugh out loud way too much when looking at that site. I’ve learned to hold it in for the most part on cakewrecks and awkwardfamilyphotos. I hope those never go away (along with this one!).

  15. Yes. :mrgreen:

  16. OMG – I am laughing so hard. I should have thought of doing this when my kitty ” The Putty Paws ” kept stealing quarters from my change bag inside my purse. This is so very funny and cute. The poor little puppy – he wont snatch credit cards again due to the embarrassment of the photo mug shot. I love this. Thank you for sharing this doggie experience.

  17. I have a Klepto cat that is getting more adventerous on the items that he snatches and squirrels away. I am loosing and missing items that I find in his kitty bed or the excavation litter box. Tarzan kitty just turned 2 years old and he is a handful.

  18. Oh, the tales (tails?) I could tell about the times when I have had to replace a driver’s license, grocery store rewards card, debit card, remote control….because of goggie teeth marks:)

  19. OMG — must be related to my puggies, who pull out my keys from pockets and purses and hide them! I know (!) they want to hold me hostage, for pets and cookies!

  20. p.s., there is NO SHAME in these thefts.

  21. smallthunder says:

    Aha! You’re onto them!