Cuddles, the Wonder Horse!

(Twangy, Rawhide-style guitar intro)

Well, I might be a horse or I might be a bear,
But I’m just so cute that I just don’t care,
CUDDLES! Yee-haw! (whip crack)

I’m the tallest stallion for miles around,
If you keep the camera close and low to the ground,
CUDDLES! Yee-haw! (whip crack)

The envy of others, the old and the young,
Who want to know how I do this thing with my tongue,
CUDDLES! Yee-haw! (lip smack)



  1. fleurdamour says:

    Man, CO is good today.

  2. Is that a puppy or a bear cub?

  3. Both? Looks like the head of a bear and the body of a puppy… Either way, it’s killing me with cuteness!

  4. My cat Eddy’s nickname is Bearcub.

  5. It’s a new, mind-blowing hybrid: the buppy.

  6. I WANT A BUPPY!!! *jumps up and down*

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    *hides giggling, behind hand, but is secretly delighted at Ace’s joy*

  8. I believe that I have found out the secret password to the mod-lounge. I bet you all want to know what it is.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    We know what it is. It’s the correctly spelled word for a baby dog.

  10. I’ve never understood that. Can anyone explain why, on a website about cute (and often, baby) animals, THAT word is *bad*??

  11. My guess is they don’t want people to start screeching about puppeh m*lls when someone posts a pic of a fancy breed.

  12. we’ll just have to call ’em Puppeh Malls…?

  13. Although wouldn’t it make more sense to block the word “mills,” which is a lot less commonly used? Blocking the word “p*ppy” on CO is sort of like blocking the word “cheese” on FoodTV.

  14. Hm…okay, either they do block the word “mills” (we’ll see if this posts or not) or the filter is sophisticated enough to recognize “the word for baby dogs” when you modify it with an asterisk.

  15. All righty, then. Not only does “the word for baby dogs” send you to the mod lounge, so does “the word for unscrupulous baby dog producing businesses.”

    Did I just see a batch of monkey-bread coming out of the oven?

  16. My guess is they don’t want people to start screeching about p***y mills when someone posts a pic of a fancy breed, but I’d think it’d be better to block ‘mills’…

  17. tracylee: It’s always 8 PM somewhere!

    ceejoe: I already know I’m a culinary mutant, just go ahead and say it. :(


  19. Me too, M., for my little experiment :D

    is it too early for G&Ts? It is Friday, after all

  20. What’s on teh buffet today?

  21. Blackberry cobbler-flavored candy corn, jalapeño beef jerky, and Dr. Pepper.

  22. well…. I do like Dr Pepper…

  23. uppy

  24. pupp

  25. lol… so it’s only the full word… how weird…

  26. and finally:


  27. tempted to try a couple of things:


  28. upp

  29. No. No one has ever been able to explain it. Not even Sharpy, the moderator extraordinaire.

  30. Guppy? Cuppy? Puppo?

  31. Amazing!! You all know the password! How is that? Have you all been sucked into the vortex that sends you to the Mod lounge as soon as you type the word “pup….

  32. The TONGUE!!!!! *splat*

  33. The tongue is out because someone promised a Rawhide treat.

  34. I’m picturing the Blues Brothers singing “Rawhide” at the country bar.

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    does your mental pic include the occ. beer bottle bursting and shattering on the chicken wire barrier, btw the bar patrons and the band?? :)

  36. You are so hilarious, NOT THAT MIKE THE OTHER MIKE! It’s usually the comments that make the pic! Yee-haw! (lip-smack)

  37. He is just to stinking cute to be real.

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: NTMikeTOMike, I love you, please marry me. Or at least come and live with me and send me poems and stuff. Or email me. I’d even take a text. *sigh*

  39. What she said.

  40. Martha in Washington says:

    Get in line!

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    I am in line! :P

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    nah ceejoe; the other peeps were messin’ witya, so they could get a better place in the Potential Second-Wifey line ….

    Shifty Eyes

  43. I thought this was the line for the coffee table book!

  44. Puppy

  45. Haha, you guys are funny! Seeing this picture you can almost smell puppy breath! I had a little beige girl just like this one, Wooly Bully! :)

  46. Woolly Bully! Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs!

  47. From years of reading The Far Side, I’m conditioned to think of “Yeeehaw!” as the sound made by mischivous space aliens low-bridging terrified crowds in their space ship

  48. I love that cartoon. And the “God’s gift to warthogs” cartoon. And the dragon with the minty fresh breath cartoon. And………..I really miss Gary Larson.

  49. What about the one in which the lions realize that the prey they’ve caught is actually a tofudebeest?

  50. I love the one with the research vessel with the microphone in the water, and the whale swimming up to the mike and singing “Ah Louie-Louie, oh baby, ah we gotta go!”

  51. phred's mom says:

    Jujube, I miss Gary Larson too. The world needs him right this minnit.

  52. Fird Birfle says:


  53. yippiee-ki-ehn!

  54. What a lucky and oh-so perfect capture! I AM DYYY-IIINK at the cuteness!

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    to Mike: and by (“Wonder”) HORSE, you mean — ???

    *makes note on clipboard to enroll Mike in the
    Animal Breed Identification Accuracy Course*

  56. Psst–Firdie, the doggeh is PRETENDING he’s a horseh. Get it?

  57. Fird Birfle says:

    so basically he’s horsie “wannabe” ???hmmmmmm…

  58. leelotchka44 says:

    To Mike the wondrous poet: I subscibe to the blog just as much because of your wonderful texts and comments to the photos. Boy must you enjoy your blogging – it is contagious, you know :-)

  59. It’s the elusive and rare bearpup!

  60. I don’t know what kind of pup that is and I don’t care!!
    I want it in my arms NOW!!

  61. Gigi, you hold him and I’ll nibble on his little white toesies!

  62. can I get in on the ear-nubbin action??

    (I’m trying to stop, I swear…)

  63. might get a little crowded, with all three of us, but I’m sure we can manage… :)

  64. Deal!

  65. Git along, lil’ doggie!

  66. Amazing! My daughter only just introduced me to Boo, so these teddy bear pups are still a whole new world of excitement for me!


  67. pup cub!!! :-D

  68. How is the universe still intact? HOW?! First, that puppeh. Then NTMTOM’s post. Also, anyone friends with Jack Bauer? I bet he could compare the mountains in the background with satellite images to locate that puppeh…

  69. I don’t know what that is. I just know I want a dozen of them right now!

  70. Best hovertext EVAH! (Except maybe the nativity scene being swiped by a cat’s paw and the hovertext of “Jesus!”)

  71. seriously, what kind of dog is this?


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