They Call Her Blue

Those eyes could melt the hardest heart, Hadronox.


  1. She IS so black she’s blue! What a gorgeous pup! What breed is she?

  2. I want to kiss the top of her head.
    6rabbits, I think she is a C*cker Spaniel.

  3. Augh, she’s like a Precious Moments figurine come to life.

  4. Yes, that’s what I was trying to put my finger on, but kept thinking of Puss n Boots…

  5. I was thinking that the 70’s called and they want their poster back.

  6. O M CC!
    I think she’s a Field Spaniel. and my next dog.

  7. They call me blue velvet………..

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    For relevant earworm, click on this. When page loads, see small image of album/ recording cover art. There is an orange “PLAY” arrow to its right.


  9. Oh my, those eyes… They compel me……Blue owns my soul.

  10. She is either a English Cocker Spaniel (1st choice) or a Field Spaniel. She is the twin to my beloved Emma. I want her….now send her to me

  11. (swoons)

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    a wise decision, Foxy101

  13. (swoons, also)

  14. She’s an English Cocker – I have one!

  15. English C*cker Spaniel!

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    *looks over spectacles, suspiciously*

    “tsk, tsk”

  17. The most beautiful girl eyes I’ve ever seen! She’s amazing!

  18. Jasper's Dad says:

    My boy Jasper is a black English Cocker Spaniel who will be 14 years yong in a few weeks. When he was a pup, he looked just like Blue. What a little cutie.

  19. Martha in Washington says:

    Why is she still sitting there all by herself!!! PLEASE someone pick her up and snorgle her! Ok, Ok, I volunteer! Now GIMME!

  20. Uh oh Martha…are you displaying some serious grabby hands? :)

  21. Deborah Darsie says:

    I love her AND I love the hover text!

  22. She’s stolen my soul!!! She must be like Brain and planning world domination. Can I be her Pinky?!

  23. “What are we going to do tomorrow night, Brain?” “The same thing we do every night, Pinky… MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF SNORGLING!!!”

  24. i’d call her frequently, and hug the stuffin’ out of her

  25. Let’s hope she uses her power for good and not evil…

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    truthiness & wisdom here.

  27. Look at the whiskersons people! The whiskersons!

  28. Eeeeoooop…..*flop* Hit my head on the floor. Wake me when Blue is here.

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    *sells soul to the Debil Heemself, for Blue to git ENNYthin’ she WANTS*

    (*marks my ballot, tipping just SLIGHTLY more to “sad”.)

    *flops down, uber-dramatically,
    *ded* right beside pupfanatic*

    Peeps?? THAT they-uh, is whut they callz CUTE. :)

  30. They collar blue

  31. I am lost in her big beautiful eyes!

  32. This leetle girl can have anything she wants, as I am too weak to deny her. The qte – it keels!!!

  33. *Sings old-timey folk song*
    Had a dog and her name was Blue,
    Betcha five dollars, she’s a good dog, too.
    Chorus: Blue! Blue! Yer a good dog, you!

  34. @Emmberrann – “That one makes me cry!”

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    PP & M did an awesome cover on that song.

  36. Yup. ‘Member it well. “Blue! Blue! Yer a gooddawg…..”

  37. Get out! Blue’s clues is REAL? (O_O)

  38. She needs a boyfriend!

    Here’s the male it never fails
    Makes me want to wag my tail
    When it comes I want to wail

  39. Oh noes! Save the leetle puppy who lives in Pepperland!!!!

  40. can I haz.

  41. Steve king of beers says:

    100% it’s a goat


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