Rambo, the Paradox Paradog

In the webcomic The Oatmeal, cartoonist Matthew Inman sometimes shares the eccentric habits of his Shi Tzu puppy Rambo, such as in the recent comic My dog: the paradox (not safe for work and perhaps lunch). Inman recently shared a video of Rambo in a less eccentric mood from his Facebook page.



  1. Awwww Rambo doesn’t seem as crazy in person as he does in his cartoon persona 🙂 He’s quite adorable….although cartoon Rambo is quite adorable too 🙂

  2. What a precious little mini-Chewbacca! And judging by that comic, his friendbeast (I am so adopting this word into my vocab) loves him very much. I nominate Matt the Friendbeast for Men of CO!

  3. The comic is so spot on about dogs, it made me laugh out loud. 😆
    I’m still giggling!

  4. Oh man, even tho Mike said it was not safe for work, I just read it too. Hilarious!

  5. Ace- I asked my dog if I was her friendbeast…she barooed and then licked my face. Maybe all doggies know this word?

  6. After you watch the video again, go read the comic! It’s the best!

  7. will try on Miss Schnozz when I get home! (assuming that even if she DID know the word, she’d deign to acknowledge that I would, in fact, be friendbeast to the likes of her *sigh*)

  8. def

  9. Emmylee, that fills me with joy! I shall ask my dog-mom friends to try this out on their dogfriends. All I have is Thor Bettasson, and he doesn’t talk much ’cause he’s a fish. (He does wag his tail when I come home, though.)

  10. I really hope this p$$es off Charles Carreon

  11. I always assumed that he was a cat guy, he just GOT cats. Heck, I think I work with the Bobcats.

    I mean seriously, this guy knows cats:


  12. that dog has very cat-like mannerisms

  13. uhh…I got a tailwag and a chuffle/sneeze…

  14. Ha! Rambo is like a cat in a Chewbacca costume! Are you sure he’s a dog??

  15. You know she just licked her crotch right before she licked you in the face? 🙂

  16. lol. I try not to think that Andy. @Tracylee…Ms. Schnozz agrees!!!

  17. Well, then it’s unanimous!

  18. This puppy has got to have some part of a tamarind monkey in there as well. The resemblance is astounding.

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    Rambo has some FOINE golden locks and a Farrah-Fawcett (Majors) – level hairstyle goin’ on there. Rambo’s groomer should get a Gold Medal for Grooming Grooviness.

  20. Hooray, one of my oldest fave websites collides with one of my newest! The video is cute, please read the comic as it will make you laugh and cry. My OH who was lucky friendbeast to a husky growing up loved it, and I bawled even though I’ve never been a friendbeast. Oatmeal and CO, a match made in heaven!! X

  21. That comic is hilarious and that puppers is adorable but I am mostly in awe that he can manage to keep his tzu’s fur so long. I didn’t think anyone could actually do that outside of people with show dogs. Mine has super soft fur – like bunny soft – that mats like crazy when it gets longer than a few inches.

  22. He looks more like Chewbacca!