Hey, It’s a Dirty Business…

Yeah, I know it don’t look glamorous or nuttin’, but it’s like my ol’ man always says ta me: Ya wanna dig up the good stuff, ya gotta be willin’ ta get some mud on yer beak, y’know what I’m sayin’?

Fuhgeddaboutit, Darrell Birkett.



  1. So young and fuzzular and already digging up dirt. Ah, they start early these days.

  2. A duck swimming in a chocolate fountain. A dream come true. Hand me a marshmallow, I’m diving in.

  3. How can something so dirty and…yucky…

    be so impossibly cute?

  4. I hear that Muddy Waters is on the bill tonight.

  5. Badda BOOM !

  6. Wild applause!!!

  7. I wonder if that duckling will be the next guest to bring something to Kim on the Onion’s Lake Dredge Appraisal Show. Definitely cuter than Hiram!

  8. baileysgrandmom says:

    Oh, dear. I just read that as “Wild applesauce!” Gotta lay off the painkillers.
    Cute ducklink, BTW.

  9. Little brown-noser!

  10. I’ll have what she’s having (with a side of wild applesauce, sounds yummy!).

  11. That might be your best work yet. I stand in awe.

  12. I agree. I sit in awe.

  13. Right? Wild applesauce sounds like a good thing.

  14. Ah, a duck in a muck…

  15. is one mucked-up duck

  16. I feel like I’m the only one worried about the duck.