Infantile, Interspecies Sleep Snorgling

If this series of images don’t make you spontaneously lactate, I don’t know what will!

In order of appearance, we give thanks to Buzzfeed, The Real Syndicate, Daum, and Pensa no Amor.


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    So sweet! Love that the hoomin parents know their babehs are safe with the critters (although of course, under supervision just in case of some misunderstanding somewhere…)

  2. Fleurdamour says:

    When faceplant bebeh wakes, it’s going to be like The Hangover 3: How did I get here and where is my bottle?

    And I must say his little dog is puppertunistic in his choice of nap space. Must have used barkolocation to find the closest warm spot.

  3. fleurdamour says:

    PS – RE: Pic 1 – I think the cat wants his pajamas back.

  4. I want to see them in the same position in twelve years.

  5. I want to nap with a snorgling pet too!

  6. I have a 112lb “puppy” who will snorgle with you all night long. Right on top of you even.

  7. Same here, sugitomo :D Especially with a kitty or two or more :D

  8. They are all cute as can be but kudos to Koda for helping the little girl cope with the bullies, there is nothing better than a furry friend when you’re sad.

  9. My thoughts exactly! Kudos to Koda and Koda’s hoomins!

  10. Bullying of any sort infuriates me but to bully a kid with Down’s Syndrome? Could there be anything lower? I’m so glad this little sweetie has her Koda bear.

    Interspecies snorgling always leaves me weak in the knees with loff.

  11. Sounds like some people’s children need a long talking to about how to treat others. I believe Koda could show them that :)

  12. Perhaps some children’s Parents need to be enlightened, also. Never ceases to amaze me how so many adults are derelict in this respect. Too many consider bullying to be “a rite of childhood.” I’m glad that she has Koda, but I HATE that it was necessary.

  13. Am I wrong in hoping that part of the way Koda helped her cope with the bullying was by knocking over the bullies?

  14. I love that last picture. I know babies like that. I bet he is like my nephew who has two modes. Moving and Sleep. There’s no in-between. In fact, the way we get him to sleep is make him stop moving. Put him in the bed, make sure he has nothing distracting in reach and he’s out in less than 5 mins.

    I think it’s great for kids to have a pet. Those two will be lifelong friends and teach each other so much. The little pup is already comfortable with his hoomin brother.

  15. My late, great maine coon Smokey Bear used to spoon me like that. (Of course, it didn’t have quite the same cuteness effect because I am grown-up sized, but still.) I miss that kitty. Pets are the best, y’all.

  16. I bet Smokey Bear thought differently. Critters tend to see the us we can be.

  17. I think she saw me as a large, convenient heat source on those occasions, actually. (It is chilly in here, and this hoomin is warm. I shall spoon it!) But she was a great kitty. She could always tell when I was sick or sad, and she would come sit next to me and put her paw on my hand.

  18. My almost 18 year old cat does the “triple spoon”. My boyfriend spooning me, and then me spooning le Tig. Pretty much heaven on earth.

  19. spooning really is does best in groups!

  20. It’s like those little measuring cup spoons!

  21. nesting spoons!

  22. These photos remind me of our cat Sampy. She used to sleep beside me. I had gotten used to sleeping with my arms over my head so she could snuggle in beside my chest. Didn’t like how she sheds all the time, but I do miss having her beside me.

  23. I loved the “spontaneously lactate” part. I KNOW that feeling. Even though it’s been nearly a decade, I still have times where I’m just SURE I’m gonna ‘let down’ any second, at the sight or sound of a bebeh, lol!

    Also, I just love for a kid to have a best friend to grow up with. My 20 year old son had a dachshund to protect him from all manner of bumps in the night and bad dreams. The 10 year old has a little chihuahua that has super sonic hearing, so he knows that no stranger could ever sneak in and “steal” him. Sure, they have/have had rats, cats, chickens, ducks, fish… but nothing helps keep the monsters at bay like an alert, loyal, loving guardian…I mean, dog.

    Pets are wonderful for helping to teach children about compassion, responsibility, and kindness. My 20 year old routinely stops to help turtles cross and pick up injured birds (even when I’m not there). I know that having pets helped foster that loving attitude.

  24. Mamabear, you have done something amazingly wonderful. My hat is off to you and your lovely boys.

  25. Thanks you two! :D

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for hyoomins who routinely stop to assist turtles & birdies !!!

    AND for mamas who brought that hyoomin UP in the world !!!!

    *shakes pompoms*

  27. Me, too! Me too! Nice story, Mamabear

  28. In 2004, I was on a bike ride, and we came across an abandoned three month old kitten. I called my wife to see if he could come home. She agreed.

    I should note she was six months pregnant.

    Eddy, as the cat became known. was the only person my daughter would kick for. Later, they met.

    Cutest Sleeping Caitlin Picture EVER!

  29. Okay, I have to admit that at first I thought you were saying the three month old kitten was six months pregnant, and my head was spinning a little bit….
    But now that I’ve figured it out, what a nice story. And also, hooray for cats named Eddy!

  30. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

  31. Crazy Pants says:

    Crap! Now I have to change my shirt.

  32. Fird Birfle says:


  33. Mr. Guilt, you are truly one of the good guys. And your family couldn’t be more beautiful! Blessings on all of you.

  34. That IS a sweet pic!

  35. You sir, and your sweet wife deserve a rescute tag. Also, does Eddy know that’s not their kitten?

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    And this kitten named Eddy is *NOT* the same cat, Eddy, who reigns over our locally famous skippymom???

  37. AWW :D That is great news, Mr. Guilt :D

  38. I don’t know about spontaneously lactating but I think that first pic made me ovulate.

  39. “spontaneously lactate” LOL

  40. I’m so gonna steal that and make everyone think i’m hilarious.

  41. I love these photos! I just know that there must be some fantastic hovertext on each image, but for some reason, I can no longer see the hovertext on any of the CO photos. Is this just me? Does anyone know what I need to do to get the hovertext back? I miss it!!

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    there is a hovertext on/ at each photo, from the ancient, Pleistocene-era
    column desktop terminals that I’m using at the moment …. Are you using some relatively new gadget like a tablet?? some pholks have said they are missing their hovertext/ not having a mouse.

    Peeps who have a few extra bucks, you are aware that at some stores, small portable accessory “meeses” are sold which generally have a standard usb jack and ought to plug in to tablets, I think?? Unless this falls into the category of 5000 Things About Tablet Gadgets, that Leslie Doesn’t Know About.

    The Ole College Try …..

  43. Thanks Fird. I definitely cannot see hovertext on either my iPhone or my iPad, but I’ve always been able to see it on my laptop, which is a Sony VAIO and uses internet explorer. Today, however, the gremlins have now also taken over my laptop, because now I can no longer see the hovertext when I am hooked up to my computer! :(

  44. I had the same problem. Try refreshing the page. It worked for me. :)

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    oh BOO gremlins. POOey.

    *makes a protest sign against laptop gremlins*

    (FWIW, this desktop is using IE but I’m not sure which edition…)

    best of luck in conquering horrible beasties !!!

  46. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    I can’t see the hovertext when I read on my Kindle Fire. :( I also can’t comment on any blog that uses the Disqus platform. *sighs dramatically*

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    noelles: if the KF has a standard usb port avail on a side edge, you can pick up a very very inexpensive mousie-poo (the electonic kind, not the nose-wigglin’ kind) and hook it up. I don’t know much about KF’s but with standard computers, you don’t even have to convince the two pieces to be compatible. But all my gadgets are the economical sort, not the Apple Spiffarooni models…..but you might just need a usb opening and a $7.00 mouse/ Staples /Office Max/ Wmart-y place.

    *crosses fingaires for luck*

  48. “Spontaneously lactate”- I’m crackin’ up, that is totally hilarious.

    And last pic (well last 2) baby plus pyuppies…cannot take it. Need oxygen.

  49. Lactate??????

  50. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    The first picture is the best – Kitty is all like, MMmmmm, warm soft hooman that smells like milks…

  51. So many people question if animals should be left alone with children, and the risks of owning a pet and having young kids, but look how content they all are – fantastic photos!

  52. I agree with you, John :D Doctors are finding out that children raised with pets have fewer allergies and are healthier :D

  53. Just found this video of a kittypotamus trying to nap with a baby:

  54. It’s almost too moische for me with the qte and the kitteh and the bebbeh.

  55. THAT is adorable!

  56. Sooo adorable!!

  57. aaaaaaaa! *thud*

  58. Fird Birfle says:

    *pulls out the HK defibrathing and hooks ‘er up …*

  59. Cute picture, but could that little baby get enough air sleeping like that.

  60. My sweet Tigger angel used to love to sleep on my hip when I would lay on my side. I’d actually stay that way until he woke up & got down. He also liked to lay his head on my shoulder, sometimes he’d actually sigh when he found the perfect head to shoulder ratio. I miss him so much! His little brother Frodo waited about 6 months after Tigger passed & then he started doing the same things. He’s so funny when he does, because he gives me this sweetly tentative look like, “Is this okay, Mom?”. First time he did that, I bawled like a baby.


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