Dez Yeur Dogue Bite?


I thought yeau sed yeur dogue deed not bite!

…Zat ees not mah dogue.

Love bites, Suzunejp. And bites and bites and bites.



  1. kitty is so gentle with the baby

  2. Sasha's Mum says:

    Luv at 0:33 — kittech is obviously saying “Hey, hoomin, I *know* you’re just filming this thing to put it on YouTube.”

  3. Put the camera down and remove the bitter from the cat. I don’t understand some humans.

  4. It looks like they were both a little nippy. They were just playing. The cat even rolled onto his back at what point, which is a vulnerable position.

  5. They’re playing! No reason to get all worked up.

  6. Yes, I think if the kitty really didn’t want to be there, the kitty would leave.

  7. What a gentle cat! He doesn’t seem to mind the attention too much. 😉

  8. Neut jeust a Deuogue. A PRAIRIE DEUOGUE. 😀

  9. And it’s not like the cat was tied down and forced to endure prairie dog nips. If the cat was upset with the treatment, it would leave. It’s not helpless, after all.

  10. Prarie Dog is more harassing than Pepe Le Pew!

  11. I love how triumphant the Prairie dog is in the final shot. Like “haha! I defeated the beast”

  12. Yay for the Pink Panther movie reference!

  13. The have another video that shows the cat and 4 adult Prairie Dogs the cat is obviously the dominant one in the bunch the the Prairie Dogs don’t seem to mind.

  14. What a sweet kitty. Looks like a relative of Maru. Japan has the best cats!

  15. *Sigh*

  16. What is with the wacky disjointed music?

    Love the looks at :33 & :37. “Mom, are you serious? We’re not keeping this, are we?”

  17. @ Mammabear – yes – indeed – I see you are really fluent in “Cat-Speak”
    Kitty could have got away any time – I so do not think she was obliged to put up with him – I have an idea the Prairie Doglet thought it might try to nurse – yeah? but oh those teethies – they got in the way

  18. Oh My DOG !!!

  19. Quite funny! It reminds me of a teenage human having to put up with his younger, annoying cousin because Mom says so!
    I will say that the music kind of made me want to scream.

  20. I just watched that – the snorglingks, the playingks, the leekingks!! The prairie dogs seem perfectly content to let kitteh be the boss. 🙂

    Also, how fair is it that someone has 4 prairie dogs (not to mention a perfectly clean floor) and I have none? *pout*

  21. That is one vereh bitey babeh prairie dogue.

  22. The prairie dog is probably trying to greet the kitteh … prairie dogs greet each other by rubbing teeth …

  23. So funny! At first the cat is like, “ACK! It bites!!” and then gently tries to mush it away (claws firmly still in the paw so he does NOT want to hurt Baby McNippersons) and then he opens his mouth (not biting!) and then Baby McNippersons all like “Wow…holy crow, how do you close your mouf wif such large teefers! Hey open up, I wanna see those again.” Afterwards is all “You know how to grow big teefers so you are now my new idol.” HAHAHAHAH!! LOVE IT!!!

  24. Cat seems to be embarassed that he can’t just eat the oversized rodent and be done with it. He’s a good cat, stayed very gentle with the rude little thing that kept biting and biting!

  25. I know! I love how gentle adult cats are when playing with anything they recognise as a baby! Our Splodge was adorable when her kitten had a kitten – she was totally the Cool Grandma.

  26. Cat’s claws were in, no hissing, relaxed eyes and ears. That there was a cat playing gently with something kitten-sized in the same way an adult cat would play with an actual kitten.

  27. That is one very lucky Prairie Dog pup that he/she with a housecat. I remember our mom cats on the family farm bringing home Prairie Dogs to feed their kittens. One mom cat brought home three small Prairie Dogs for her three kittens. My Dad said that the mom cat must know how to count to do that.

  28. I’m confused – who has a prairie dog AS A PET?