Another Family Portrait Ruined!

Aunt Darla! Look at the camera for crying out loud! You do this every time. Come on, let’s take one more before we lose the light.

Ladies Over Fifty, we salute you!



  1. omg, I love meerkats! They are SO like little people!

  2. I hate family portrait day, too!

  3. D’oh, wouldn’t you know it! Uncle Tad had to look away right when the camera clicks.

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    This should go in the scrapbook right next to the Prom Photo from Dog & Cat….

  5. Aunti thinks that her right profile is best for portraits.

  6. Uncle Bob: OK everybody say cheeeeze and look at the birdie.
    Aunt Darla: There’s a bird? Where?

  7. oh~ that one right in the middle, looking at the wrong camera 😉

  8. They wanted to show their best side 🙂

  9. Is there one headless meerkat in the picture?

  10. You think it’s a mistake, that dad turned his head at the last second, but that’s just one of those awful Olan Mills poses. “Now look off in to the corner and pretend I’m not here with a camera. Look wistful, now!”

  11. Everybody say “Grasshopper” !