Friendship Is Awesome!

Golly, I am so blessed to have a BFF like you, Becky! You’re a true-blue friend, one who doesn’t get mad if I accidentally spill punch on your prom dress or steal your boyfriend. I just know we’re gonna be totes besties for the rest of my life!

“This is a most awkward family photo of my cat Chii and my pups, Mr. Darcy,” says Gabriella W.


  1. Love-Hate friendship? Cute…

  2. Kitty doesn’t look too happy.

  3. And that right there sums up the difference between dogs and cats.

  4. My thoughts pretty much exactly.

  5. sabrina rose says:

    Too true, and ya gotta love Mike’s totally appropos caption for this photo. He always nails it!!!

  6. absolutely perfect – “totes besties” – *snerk*

  7. I really need to Un-Friend Mr. Darcy just as soon as I can get my paw on that mouse!!

  8. Almost as cute as the original (Colin Firth) Mister Darcy.

  9. phred's mom says:

    Still has a ways to go to beat Colin. *sigh*

  10. *double sigh*

  11. *triple sigh* Best Darcy Ever…

    Puppy seems too happy to be a proper Mr. Darcy. I think the pup and kitty got their names switched.

  12. I think I went to high school with that pomeranian . . . . ..

  13. phred's mom says:

    I did. That’s me on the left.

  14. +1 internets for anime named cat!

  15. Er…am I the only one who loathes the use of the word “totes” in place of “totally”? Makes me cringe whenever I see or hear it. Anyway…Mr. Darcy is awkwardly cute, and Chii looks…well, like he/she is plotting revenge. Good luck Chii, good luck.

  16. No Gaz, you aren’t the only one. The first time I saw someone use the word “totes”, I wondered what plastic bins or tote bags had to do with the subject being discussed. The word still makes me pause. At least “besties” makes sense, since it isn’t a word for something else. Although when I see it written, I misread it as beasties.

    Which fits in this case, since these best friends are also beasties. Cute beasties, too!

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    ….I think that I’m seeing a human hand “holding” the two of them in their
    embrace … which might, partially, ‘splain that murderous expression on Chii’s face ..

    Also I think that an alternative name choice for Chii….*might* have been Emo-Cat.

  18. They are so cute. I think they enjoyed having the photo taken.

  19. I love cats, I really do, but this photo is making me wonder WHY. Maybe it’s time to consider a puppeh!

  20. Modish Claws says:

    Way too cute!

  21. I loved this. Made my day. Yes, I think I went to high school with both of them,

  22. Alice Shortcake says:

    It looks like one of them has been overdoing the catnip. And it ain’t the cat…

  23. Hahahahaha! Thanks, Alice–hilarious quip. Great photo, Gabriella–it made my day, too.

  24. :lol: Looks like your cat, Chii, wants to give a kitty smackdown to your little dog, Mr. Darcy, Gabriella W. :lol:

  25. fleurdamour says:

    The Odd Pupple

  26. and They Fight Crime!!!

  27. I’d watch a TV show like that. Either that or a sitcom starring these guys.

  28. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    The hooman mommy is probably saying, “Chii!! Stop that frowning & smile nice for the picture with your brother, damn it!” Chii, “NO, Mommy, I won’t! I HATE my brother!”

  29. Personally, I think this pic needs an impending doom tag! :-D

  30. I second that tag. You just know when the camera is turned away kitteh is going to give puppeh the smackdown.

  31. This is perfect to an unreal degree. And “awkward family portrait” is a brilliant articulation of it all. Kudos all around. Also that Pom looks AWESOME! Poms have a unique little eagerness to their smiles.


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