The Poky Little Puppeh

Sender-Inner Julie from Buenos Aires tells us the story of The Poky Little Puppeh:

She says: “I’m sending you pictures of my neighbour’s little dog. He is 2 months old but hasn’t grown much, and his head still fits in a 4 inch square hole on the wall that separates our gardens. He is left alone during the day and every time I walk by he tries to get out through the hole, so this is what I stumble upon. It’s way too cute. I don’t know his name, sorry! I hope you like them!!”



  1. [Getting hammer out to go down to Buenos Aires to make a bigger hole in the wall]

  2. sad that a wee puppy like that is outside on his lonesome

  3. If I were you I’d also take a mask and a teeny bag so you can scoop that puppy away and take him home. Though I’d imagine interpol would be after you immediately for that kind of kewt.

    That’s a freaking’ disney movie. The old-fashioned live animal kind.

  4. gads ,i adored the poky little puppeh..! THIS puppeh is meltingly cute; I would be tempted to simply stay there all day, beeping his sweet little shnozz and whispering encouraging puppeh nonsense….
    Lovely with the leaf frame!

  5. He’s cuter-than-cute, but who leaves a 2 month old puppy home alone??!!! I have a 4 month old that I wouldn’t leave alone for more than an hour at a time, even with an 8 year old male dog that “babysits”.

  6. done for the day.. i am all cute-d out!

  7. sabrina rose says:

    Yes, JUST what I wished to do. Sweet little babeh all by his little self. Should be a law to always adopt in pairs!

  8. I propose a new rule of cuteness!!! If you stick your head through da fence, it’s cute.

  9. I will give you a biscuit sweet lil puppeh!!!! Just as soon as ceejoe makes the hole in the wall bigger 🙂

  10. With a face like that I would HAVE to ask if they would like a babysitter during the day while they’re at work since I work from home.

  11. That wouldn’t be their puppy for long. I would reach over that wall and away I go……..!

  12. Oh, what a little sweetie! Someone needs to give him a hug, and then take him out to see the wide, wide world. 🙂

  13. Meh- my talk of doggie-napping landed me C.O. jail.

  14. I second that! We always encouraged that when I did kitten/cat adoptions!

  15. It bothers me a lot that he’s left alone all day – outside. That’s probably because my neighbors in back (I can see into their yard from my kitchen windows) have a puppy they leave outside all day. For all I know, they leave him out at night too. I can hardly bear to think about it – I don’t honestly think he’s being abused but why would you have a dog if you didn’t want to spend any time with it?? I keep asking myself that question and I’ve yet to come up with an answer. Sorry for the soapbox rant but I guess this is bothering me even more than I realized. 😦

  16. This was one of my very favorite books when I was a little kiddo! Poky is even cuter in real life! (-:

  17. Oops, got stuck in the Mod Lounge for the first time in a long time. I inadvertently used the correct word for a baby doglet and now I’m paying the price. Oh well, I might as well make the best of it. Those spring rolls look positively yummy!


  19. He looks so sad it breaks my heart.

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    I sense a bad day coming when he’s just slightly bigger and his head goes into the hole but won’t go back out .. and he’s trapped. 😦

  21. Kind of ironic, with a name like “rescue gal”…

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    — with some qualifiers, as to unpleasant fence “accessories” such as barbed-wire, etc., I concur with this suggeshtyon.

  23. luckyrubberducky says:

    I certainly agree with making that hole bigger. As little puppy grows up I am sure he will be just as cute, and just as happy to poke his head to say hi to his neighbor!

  24. Is this the definish of sad puppy dog eyes or what??? Baroooooooooo
    (sad, but CUTE)

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    et moi aussi.

    Beagle-y dogues do “Earnest” SO perfectly !!!

  26. Fird Birfle says:

    *on the telephone making a reservation to fly to B. A….with plans to stealthily “relocate” the Adorable Little Puppeleh … *

    **shhhh!!! Don’t tell ANYbody!!!! ESPESH don’t tell victoreia. She ALWAYS calls the Animal Protective Services on me ….*

    *Shifty Eyes*

    aka Eddie Haskell, Jr.

  27. I would straight up do a Juggernaut charge through that wall if it meant I could play around with that pup all day.

  28. Why do they leave him? Should not have him…don’t deserve him…..

  29. his name is “boop”.

    at least, that’s what he’d learn to answer to after i did it to his nosicle the first 1800 times i walked by.

  30. Thought it read “porky little puppy” when at first glance.

  31. Moderation for my typo. *sigh* Guess I’ll go nosh on beef jerky.

  32. phred's mom says:

    Me, too, decades in the distant past, and my daughter’s too.
    Thia little baby doggie is adorable! Fird, I will arm wrestle
    you for him once you get back. Deal?

  33. dawnkeyotie says:

    I believe I’d be making that whole big enough for the little guy to come through. And by “believe”, I mean it would already be done. And that little guy would be living with me. Sorry, but 2 month olds don’t belong outside all the time.

  34. I hope he doesn’t get stuck when his head grows and the hole doesn’t!

  35. That’s what I always tell people when they talk to me about getting a pet: PAIRS ARE BETTER!!!1!!!!11!!!!

    (If only for the early morning “Stop touching me!” arguments…..)

  36. Only because you never share! 😛

  37. *snicker*

  38. “Shifty Eyes, I mean Fird Birfle was with me the whole time Judge Your McHonorabuhls and she din’t steal the puppeh even tho it somehow miraculously appeared in her home. Nope, she’s innocent. Me, too.”

  39. Well said!!

  40. Here is a cake. There is NOT a file inside, hint, hint.

  41. omg, I can’t even… I was just there and I didn’t see this little guy… oh holy guacamole I NEED this puppeh!
    oh man oh man

  42. I hope they show these photos to the owner so they can see how lonely their little cutie is during the day. Such a sweet face.

    And the Poky Little Puppeh was my favorite book when I was a little girl.

  43. HELP! I cannot breathe. That is probably one of THEE most gosh dang adoreeeebule faces I have ever seen in my ever lovin’ life! Look at those eyes; black sauft nostrils; the fuzzy part where the itty bitty whiskers emerge from. Yep, I’m having a heart attack. Get me that whatever stuff you put under your tongue for such occasions as heart attacks. Lil, precious PRECIOUS angel direct from Heaven, I have given you my soul. Do w/ it what you like. It’s yours. Does Southwest go to Argentina?

  44. Oh, and sender inner, Julie, I’m serious: please PLEASE look out for Poky. Find out how his hoomins are really treating him. I cannot tolerate the thought that this lil angel is upset for even one lousy millisecond. Please. If something is not right, please do something. You can report neglect (like Rachel above was referring to.) Seriously, I would take him. But, this is my request to you. Thank you.

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    gets a few pillows, smelling salts, and a few emergency guinea pigs to pupfanatic.

    Brings smelling salts and the Hello Kitty Defibrillathingamajigg.

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    Breathe *in* through your nose, and *out*, through your mouth, tracylee.
    It’s gonna be okay, we promise !!!

    Nurse Leslie

    (Nurse Steffie doesn’t go on duty until later today; she’s running
    errands just now ….)

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    Shoot, phred’s mom. I’ll deliver him to ya. I’m usually more of an ailurophile, usually. But this leetle guy’s pretty dang irresistable, huh??

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    *raises one eyebrow, Spock-like*

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    Nice cover story, Lisa !!!

    *winks at victoreia*

  50. awwww, he needs a playtime friend for when his hoomin is away all day. awwww.

  51. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    Me too. I want some sort of follow-up/assurances that puppy is not being neglected.

  52. Cannot express myself he’s so cute. Oh, he’s adorable. He’s even cuter that the Poky little Puppy and that’s cute. My heart is melted.

  53. phred's mom says:

    Super, Fird! How can I repay you? Kitteh Little?
    I’m a sucker for both cats and dogs. And guinea
    peegs. And chinchillas. And, and…

  54. I completely agree that a puppy so young should not be left on his own all day, but failing immediate pupnapping, I would attempt to make him feel better with nose-boops, head scritches and treats.

  55. Fird Birfle- thanks for the pillows & smelling salts; I guess guinea pigs are en route. I STILL MUST HAVE THIS PUPPY- D’OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    hmmm….. I think a Pygmy Goat wif bad teef would fit in my closet.
    And a very very fuzzy tortoishell baby kitten is needed on my bed.

    Will that work for ya??

  57. Fird Birfle says:

    I think that I am in agreement on thees.

  58. If I say this when I left my house everyday I would never get anything done. The Qte is paralyzing. I’d just have sit there all day booping his nosey. Seriously one of the all time cutest things I’ve ever seen.

  59. saw not say. I’m the worst with typos…

  60. another view says:

    I don’t think puppies should be left outside alone all the time, but my dog growing up lived in the backyard almost exclusively. We’d take her into the garage at nights if it was storming or too cold (rare as we lived in Texas), but she loved it outdoors and refused to come into the house. Spent all her time digging and mucking around and chasing squirrels and could run whenever she wanted to. So, I’ve never understood keeping dogs penned up in small apartments or even houses when the owners are at work all day long.

  61. Yay! for Spock-like eyebrow raising! 😆

  62. I know I would be tempted to enlarge the hole in the wall so I could snuggle the entire puppeh! Seems like he should only just be leaving his mom at that age. Many people get pets without having the slightest idea of how to provide for all their needs. I would def want to know the circumstances/situation, and be able to provide advice/alternatives if needed. Meanwhile, *smooch* on the ditter forehead! 🙂

  63. Okay, I spelled it “puppeh” and can’t figure out why I’m in moderation! I haven’t even had dinner yet! *roots around in cupboards and fridge for tasty eats*

  64. “enlargen the hole!”

    at least enbiggen it a skosh!

  65. Yay, so many awesome CO folks on here; the same like-minded brains melted & transformed by extraterrestrial qteness. So, perhaps start Donations to bring him to the States? Ya know, this would be a great need and service to Americans if we had that pup here. He could cure…eh….loneliness! heartache! Lack of adorability!

    Only problem is we’d all be fightin’ for him. Or we could share, like a carpool?

  66. JustLurking says:

    Oh, the puppy looks so sad and lonely. It is obvious it wants and needs some loving if it is alone all day long (and all night too?) and trying to get through that hole in the fence to get to anyone. Did the OP ever talk to the people that have the puppy to find out why it is left outside all day? What if the weather turns horrible like a thunderstorm or something happens during the day that could harm the puppy? I would wonder about food and water if not shelter and if I had noticed day after day such a little puppy was left alone outside all day I‘d be knocking at the door of those people‘s house inquiring about it. Just like it takes a community to raise (and look out for) a child it takes a community to look out for all animals. Sure hope the OP comes back and updates us about the puppy’s welfare.

  67. phred's mom says:

    Pygmy goat, ok, but the tortoiseshell kitty stays with me; Poky
    needs company, no?

  68. phred's mom says:

    I want Wednesdays.

  69. EXACTLY, JustLurking, EXACTLY!!!! Anyone know how to get in touch w/ the sender inner?

  70. Oh, Phred’s Mom, you can have Wednesdays. All I ask is to have him the other times of the week that end w/ the word “day.” Er eh, fair right?

    Okay, so I missed that day in pre-school when we learned about sharing!

  71. to another view: Yep, you’re right about many dogs liking to be outside…outside a lot…chasing everything. ‘tho, this puppeh is ‘way too young to be on his own all day. When is he being socialized? when is he being taught right from wrong? If owners take him in at night, he won’t know how to act (i.e., where to poo, etc.) The cutest little face in the world and alll he wants is someone to play with!