Friday Haiku: I Choose You

Pokemon otter

Uses magic spell attack

Gotta catch ’em all

None otter than, Bob21



  1. bookmonstercats says:

    Pass me the Hello Kitty defibrillambamalaladingdong to revive my stilled heart and the Hello Kitty duct tape to put my asploded hed back together.

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    PS. Too ded to haiku at the moment. Normal service may (but is not guaranteed to) be resumed, after copious applications of Hello Kitty.

  3. I predict another “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take This.” meme image/wallpaper will be made from this 😉 .

  4. It’s Oshawott! The water pokemon. *gives little otter a shell* Man, I know way too much about this at my age…

  5. The Emperor is about to use his zappy fingers on Luke.

  6. The leetle fingernails!

  7. One thing is certain
    When filling out tax returns
    Otters will round up

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Reminder for those of you who got yelled at for covertly playing pokemon during class back in elementary school that the original red and blue versions of pokemon released 14 years ago. God, I’m too young to feel so old.

  9. HK thingy used….
    bookmonstercats is revived!
    OK to haiku? 🙂

  10. WIN!

  11. Shell Smash!

  12. I just exploded into a cloud of glitter. It is my spirit that is typing this comment right now. It was worth it.

  13. “O Gods of Kyoot, please accept my offering.”

  14. WIN

  15. fleurdamour says:

    Magic otter is Hairy P. Otter.

  16. Otters has fingernailses!!??!!

  17. If elementary school was, for you, only 14 years old, then you are indeed too young to feel old. Contact the Old Club for your membership ID card when your college years are at least 14 years behind you…… even then, I’m not sure you’ll meet the minimum membership threshold levels.

  18. Heh. My 30th high school reunion is next summer…

  19. I graduated from college 30 years ago…

  20. I know! I thought they had claws. These paws are very hand-like.

  21. Could be the opening to a new Volkswagon commercial

  22. phred's mom says:

    Heh, heh, *cackling dementedly* my 50th high school reunion
    was in 2007, you whippersnapper, you!

  23. I got to hold a baby otter once. It was like holding a warm, fur-covered Slinky. And its little feet opened up til they were nearly circular–the better to swim with, probably. I don’t remember its front hands being so human-like, though. Awesome little critter!

  24. Cannot be topped. Break out the haiku coffee table book.

  25. So I shouldn’t mention that I’m only up to 25th next year?

  26. ER MEH GAHD!!!!

    Phew, allr ight, I’m OK now. But f’reals, baby otters = lethally cute.

  27. Where is the Haiku?
    Otter-ball merrits tribute
    “oh otter, so cute”

  28. This summer was 37 years since high school, can I feel a little bit old?

  29. *coffeehouse snaps*

  30. The fingerses have kilt me ded!

  31. little otterlet
    furry-soft round in my hand
    i needs to snorf it!


  32. ‘Mountain fold. Inflate.’
    Ottergami now complete!
    Perfect ball from square.

  33. Cute bebeh otter!
    But why do your weird man hands
    Freak me out badly?

  34. Who said there was an age limit to liking cute otters trying to be samurai? O.o. That would be a terrible world to live in.

  35. exactly what I was thinking! WANT!!

  36. sabrina rose says:

    Nice haiku but we politely beg to differ: Dose are very kewt liddle hanny-wackers made for holding smackerels.

  37. ‘Fur-covered Slinky’ ftw!

  38. Handful of otter
    Human hand as otter hand
    holds cute little monster

  39. Mme. Stewart says:

    I have just been inspired to have my class write Friday Haiku’s with cute overload. Their haikus will be cute by defination of their age (8-10). Can someone remind me, on Friday’s do you pick a haiku from the comments to post with the photo or does it come with a haiku on the post already? I would like the class to have a chance to win the Friday Haiku contest (but if that’s not how it works, I will just use it for inspiration).

  40. All our posts come with professionally written captions. Haikus are serious work and our writers have had extensive training. However, if you think your little white belts can enter the arena with our masters, please bring your best. Good luck.

  41. Mme Stewart:
    Pardonez-moi pour mon franglais, mais Mlle Sharpy vous taquine un peu: chaque vendredi matin, le modérateur du jour compose un haïku pour une photo, mais nous pouvons tous participer à composer nos propres poèmes (trois lignes, de cinq / sept / cinq syllabes par ligne) pour l’amusement , et l’inspiration, de nous-mêmes et les autres.
    C’est mieux avec plus de poètes :-), et c’est vrai, le plus mignon quand les poètes ont 8-10 ans. Bonne chance à tous, et nous espérons vous voir ici le vendredi!

  42. Breaking news: There isn’t an age limit! Yeah! Cute, cute, cute!

  43. My 30th was this summer!

  44. 😆

  45. This is an EXCELLENT idea!!!! Now, if only I could get CO on the internet at school, I’d be set. Wonder if they’d unblock it with that as my reason??? hmmmm….

  46. Mme. Stewart says:

    Merci beaucoup tout le monde! I will see you not this Friday but the next!