Corgi Want a Cracker?

You need to learn to stick your head out the window, Unripefruit.



  1. Squeeee! I hope he doesn’t pee from fright there. 🙂

  2. My corgi loves crackers lol. That pup looks quiet comfy up there! Soon he won’t be able to fit.

  3. Are the shoulder corgies on sale too? Do you accept charge cards?

  4. Oh, sure, it’s cute *now*. My corgisaur is over 30 pounds–that would be much less adorable!

    I don’t know, though, they are always adorable…

  5. I bet the drive-thru person was surprised.

  6. Shoulder-Corgis sounds so 80’s, so Dynasty.

  7. Lil Corgi looks like he’s saying ummmm could you please open the window up here next to my head? K. Thx!

  8. How did he climb up there with those little legs?

  9. I strongly suspect that he had help from a softhearted hoomin!

  10. Some people have a chip on their shoulder; I’ll take a corgi on my shoulder, please.

  11. “Scuse me, can you give me a boost so that I can hang out the sunroof? I saw it on TV and it looked like a lot of fun. But my legs…. they’re shorter than my ears… so I need the help. Thank you ever so much!”