Ten Seconds Of Your Day Will Impact The Rest Of Their Lives

[Peeps! An urgent word from an O-Fish-Yul Cute Overload Partner! Please take a momento to read thees!]

Today you have a rare opportunity to undertake an extraordinary act of heroism.

The Harmony Fund is sustaining 25 animal rescue squads across the planet and you can help them win a grant of $250,000 to care for thousands of homeless animals who would otherwise perish in the snow this winter. Cast your vote for the Harmony Fund in the Chase Community Giving contest.

Toni Rowles (above) holds a newly rescued dog outside the RSDM animal shelter in Bulgaria where 150 dogs are counting on him for safety. The shelter’s roof will not survive another snowfall and volunteers are terrified. Your vote will help rebuild the roof and to bring thousands of animals out of the cold worldwide. Thank you for taking 10 seconds to vote for HARMONY FUND in the Chase Community Giving contest.



  1. Voted. Thank you CO for alertingus to this charity. The sweet, grateful lookin this doggie’s eyes is so touching…

  2. Just voted. Thank you Meg…CO can be a powerful tool for good.

  3. I’ll do it tonight from home since I can’t from the office because it links to Facebook and it’s blocked by my employer.

  4. Just voted too. Thanks CO!

  5. I would absolutely love to vote but I don’t have a Facebook account and I’m not planning on getting one. Is there any other way to vote for this? Or donate money somehow?

  6. It looks like you can go to the Harmony Fund’s page and donate there. It’s the first link above the photograph.

  7. Totally missed that Auntie. Thanks so much! Heading there now.

  8. you can vote for them if you dont have a facebook page but do have a chase account I did it for another charity. If you have chase account you have 2 votes. chasegiving.com

  9. Done!

  10. Me too.

  11. not to nuff or nufin’, but i don’t see these guys on CharityNavigator.Org

    they’re usually pretty good about this but can’t list everybody.

    there are two Harmony Foundation Inc firms listed as 501(c)(3)’s at the IRS, one in Warren(peas), New Joisey and one in Holden(tite), Massahoosits. This one is the latter.

    i don’t know what Chase Community Giving’s vetting process is. but if you trust them, then trust them.

  12. I didn’t want to install an app in FB, so I gave some moneys directly to Harmony!

  13. Just voted and will forward to whole family. Thanks for the guidance.

  14. done!

  15. done!

  16. sunnylessmum says:

    Voted! Thanks for the alert! I love the gentle kindness expressed in both the dog and man in this pic.

  17. i’m being modulated.

    i think that’s what it sez.

    makes me feel all oogy, whatever it is.

    but the snack cart looks marveloose…

  18. aw, yay. voted and donated. this is so what i’ve been looking for! whenever ppl talk about the aspca and such, i cant help but think of countries where people have a hard time caring for themselves, much less the animals around them. I’m so so happy this exists!

  19. voted!
    yes, you can vote for 2 different charities in this contest.
    my understanding, after skimming the rules, is that if you have both a Facebook account and a Chase online account you get 4 votes!

  20. penny's mum says:

    voted and shared! 🙂

  21. Voted. C’mon peeeps! Get those clicky-fingers busy!!!!

  22. Thanks so much, all, for helping this charity. I am from Bulgaria and I cannot even begin to describe the horrors that homeless animals there encounter. There is no popular support for building shelters and adoption programs.

    In addition, it’s very difficult to be an animal rights activist there. People mock and dislike animal rights activists, and charitable giving for animal causes is extremely limited.

  23. I have a friend who just moved to Serbia and reports the same conditions. I’m sorry, I had to delete the more upsetting bits of your comment, but we all thank you and support any and all good you do and we hope that love of domestic pets soon protects them all over the world.

  24. Voted. Thanks, CO, for the heads up. Always looking for worthy animal charities to help out.

  25. Hi Blair. You need to search the correct charity name. It’s called Harmony Fund Inc….It is NOT Harmony “foundation” Inc.

    If you look on each of the charities listed on Chase Community Giving’s facebook application, you can see their EIN number which is stated next to Harmony Fund Inc’s name. You also have the wrong database to search. The correct database is guidestar. http://www.guidestar.org and you can search EIN or charity names.

    Harmony Fund Inc is listed on Guidestar, which is also a list of the conditions for Chase competition.

    This is part of the conditions on Chase community giving for nominations in June.

    All nominated charities must be recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity in the GuideStar database as of 12/31/11 and have annual operating expenses less than $10,000,000, and must meet other eligibility requirements found in the full Program Rules.

  26. Voted! When I hear about such charities, I just want to quit my job and join them and help out. One day I will.

  27. Done and tweeted x