And Now, a Food Safety Tip

Sleeping in your supper dish keeps your food safe.

Rule 8 rules! “She likes to sleep in the bowl,” notes Flickr user Matt Smith.



  1. Unless this bebeh is a l’il doggeleh by species (like a chihuahua) she ain’t gonna fit in that there bowl for long… Bigger bowl?

  2. Either that’s a teensy puppeh or an enormous bowl. 🙂

    But simply adorable!!

  3. And they call her “Captain Crunch”. Beware of Crunch “Berries”.

  4. *sigh*

  5. A bowl of Kibbles & Bit**

    (See how long I get moderated for that. But it’s an appropriate word since the pup’s a she!)

  6. Waiter! There’s dog hair in my bowl!

  7. “Waiter, what’s this dog doing in my bowl?!”
    “Taking a nap, I imagine…”

  8. I have a picture of a foster kitten from years ago in a food bowl like that. Unfortunately it’s an old paper photo, and God only knows where it is right now… He was a way teenee kitteh, runt of the litter, needed all kinds of medical attn, but he grew up to be a big strapping kitteh…

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY for peeps who luv on runts who “grow up, big & strong” !!! 🙂

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    tracylee, how much of your medication will you be needing today???

    and how are Los Tigres ??? (btw, I PURPOSEFULLY mis-aligned a Spanish article with an Outrageous Frawnsche noun, theah.)

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    Ok, everybody, toGETHer, now!!!


  12. Obviously the bowl is bigger on the inside Matt.

  13. Yes! I let out a tiny little squee when I saw the sender-inner’s name, even though I know it isn’t likely to be Eleven…

  14. That’s one way to keep your co-workers from eating your lunch.

  15. 😆

  16. I had to send this to my friend who is actually a food safety person. I guarantee this is the cutest food safety lesson she will ever learn.

  17. I had to send this to my friend who is actually a food safety person. I guarantee this is the cutest food safety lesson she will ever learn.

  18. I’ll need just a slight bit more than my usual dosage.. those teeny ear flaps are KEELING MEH.

    y Tigre is also correct en espanol, Firdie 🙂
    they’re doing wonderfully – we just had a new round come out of quarantine and they’re happily snoozing away on the tour route! Two new lions, two new tigers, and recently two new cougars (It’s like Noah’s Ark up in here). One of our lions has such a glorious mane and he poses like a supermodel 🙂

  19. I wonder if this would keep people from eating your lunch out of the fridge at the office?

  20. Kibble pillows? That’s a new one I’ve got to try out.

  21. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Sender inner is Matt Smith, people. That means the bowl is a TARDIS bowl, which will expand to accommodate McPuppersons as she grows. (Bigger on the inside and whatnot.)

  22. omnomnomnom

    Also, heh. Matt Smith. TARDIS bowl. Awesome.

  23. I’ll bet that will be the best nap that puppy ever has.

  24. Look at CO posts for July 3.2012

    Reasons To Sleep Where You Eat
    JULY 3, 2012 by CRAZY PANTS
    1. When you wake up, breakfast is ready.
    2. When struck down by food coma, you are already in bed.
    3. Leftovers can be rolled in for an aromatic facial.
    Excellent advice!

    Yes, I have a file of past CO posts.*hangs head and looks around sheepishly*

  25. That’s not a real puppy. That’s too small to be a real puppy.

  26. Don’t hang yer head! Be Proud of teh Qte!

  27. *giggles*

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    yay for lions and tigers and cougars (doesn’t QUITE fit the song riddim unfortunately)…and espesh. for lions with Farrah Fawcett Hair !!!

  29. I will eat all the kibble just to get to the puplet. Sigh. Why can’t I find that lil angel in my bowl of cereal?