The Tower of Hairbel

And lo, for many days and nights were the painful ear drops required; and this did displease Cat, and Cat’s loyal subject, who was wise and kind of heart, did seek amends. And thus did he build a mighty tower, that stretched into the heavens or at least near the ceiling. And Cat saw what the man had done, and was pleased.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY BOXES & kittehs!!!

    — Calling Maruuuuuuuuu !!!!!

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    Also: both participants be pleasant on the eyes ….

  3. Does Maru know about this?

  4. Wow, that’s dedication!

  5. He has just announced plans to build Burj Maru, which will be over 6.2 feet tall.

  6. I agree with all of the above sentiments! I think we have another candidate for the “Men of CO” calendar here.

  7. Thank you for my belly laugh du jour.

  8. This is the sweetest thing EVAR. And yes, Men of C.O., Video Edition, fer sure.

  9. I also agree! He definitely belongs in the Men of CO calender.

    I like the way kitteh reviewed the blueprint and then monitored construction. Man, my kittehs would spaz out if they had such an awesome box tower! But since I rolled over in bed at 4 am this morning…right into a pile of cat barf, no tower for you today!

  10. Yes, that’s what happens when you love unconditionally!!!
    Love the headbutt when it was finished….

    YAY!!! Kittie and owner(slave/servant)

  11. What a great guy. And I’m sure the pretty orange kitty deserved it. But I’m afraid he has more work to do: when hoomin asked if 40 boxes would be enough, Rufus’s tail twitch was a clear ‘no.’

  12. I hope that guy is ready to inundated with marriage proposals.

  13. Taj Mahal or Taj Maru?

  14. Yes, I’d have to say if that guy is half-as-good at being a boyfriend / husband as he is a cat owner, women would / should be lining up. If i finished a round of antibiotics and came home to find out my man had built me a box maze with hatches and levels, I’d be right pleased.

  15. Smallthunder says:

    Love! Love! Love!

  16. That’s an awesome idea!

  17. Jack and Lille's Human says:

    I was going to propose to this guy, but it seems others have already had the same idea. Can I pull a number?

  18. Stand in line, sistah! This guy is totally a keeper! 🙂

  19. In the still frame on the video, our hero is sporting a mighty Plumber’s Butt.

  20. Awwww he loves his Rufus so much, this put a huge smile on my face. 🙂

  21. I love the mutual head butting/nuzzling. So adorable.

    I have a rule about my cats having bigger or more expensive furntiture than me but this is brilliant.

    Also, classic NTMTOM description. “And he was pleased.”

  22. Hey, at least they didn’t barf ON you at 4 in the morning. “I didn’t want to soil my bedding.”

  23. MOCOC!!!!!

  24. Love this; thanks for sharing! What an AWESOME pet owner! Oh, if every cat and dog and pet could be so lucky, what a better world this would be!

  25. Now that is kitty love. A cat would be proud to get fur all over his clothes.

  26. I think the tower’o’Rufus would totally defeat boxhab.

  27. Amen! This noble fellow DEFINITELY belongs in the Calendar! Rufus, too!

  28. I’m going to pretend I’m NOT crying in my cubicle because some dude built a box tower for his cat.

  29. snif….
    Some kitties are really loved.

  30. Nice butt crack. Whistles loudly.
    Sometimes I wish they would wear their pants backwards.
    Opps typed that out loud didn’t I.

  31. What a great video! And what is that wonderful song – anyone know?

  32. Mary (the first) says:

    I noticed that also. Definitely a “keep trying, buster” kind of twitch.

  33. Yeah, I am lining up behind, Rachael 😀

  34. Yep 😀

  35. Someone cutting onions where you work??

  36. That is really nice. That tower is definitely marketable. I would buy one. What a loving owner!

  37. Oh good! Maybe this will give the rest of us a shot at snagging Tom Nom (or whatever his name is)! :mrgreen:

  38. Janet in NYC says:

    Ingenious! what a wonderfully elegant gesture of love and devotion

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    Saw this on Laughing Squid yesterday! It just went up, and, yes, he’s getting marriage proposals on YouTube, as expected. Also, I loved the song, which I thought sounded like David Gray, but turned out to be his brother’s band, Parallel Lions. So I learned of a new artist that I like, too — good things all around.

  40. I think Maru’s head would explode from joy if he saw this. 😉

    I LOVE this MAN. That is kitty-heaven right there!

  41. I was wondering if it was David Gray as well. It sounded “like” him but not… thanks for the info.

    And yeah, I’d throw my hat in that ring ;-3

  42. It’s allergies Ace. That is what I always say.

  43. It is sexy when a guy talks to his kitteh and builds such a thoughtful/wonderful toy like this. Guys, take note. We are actually very very easy!

  44. Can the cuteness get any better? Maybe… but in the mean time OMGWTFBBQPONNIES!!!1!!!!1!
    Lucky Kitty.

  45. Well done!!

  46. What is that song?

  47. oh no. he’s going to be SO SAD when the kitty passes away. but yay for now.

  48. Video proof that not all crazy cat people are women!! Men are just as crazy about their felines. 🙂

  49. Who isn’t sad when a loved one passes? The point is to enjoy every moment you are together, and he is doing just that!

  50. Was just going to comment on that, I’m amazed that it took so long for someone to note that in the comments 🙂

  51. dawnkeyotie says:

    I feel nothing but joy when I watch this video. Joy for Rufus, joy for his person. And joy for my cat Bueno who watched the video with me (and might have said “yeah, do that”).

  52. Shannon, on the YouTube vid it gives a link for Parallel Lions (, song is Holding Patterns. Unfortunately they’re not on iTunes.

  53. See above, Taryn.

  54. Oops.. song is “For You”.. Holding Patterns is the album.

  55. Hey, I did it as soon as I saw it. 😛

  56. If this wonderful person is unattached, by any remote stretch of the imagination, can I make an offer?

  57. “And Cat saw what the man had done, and was pleased.” Cat enjoyed his tower for 20 minutes. Then Cat said, “Yes, my tower is adequate but what have you done for me lately?”

  58. My thoughts exactly! I’ll bet Rufus would have been just as happy with just ONE of those boxes. Cats — the ultimate cheap date.

  59. everybody know, dog have master, cat have staff.

  60. Thanks Sue!

  61. went back through the whole thing looking for the plumber butt…. not because it was so awesome and I loved it-which it was and i did- but because of some plumber butt comments.

  62. i want to marry this man.
    he adores his cat, and he isn’t afraid to show it
    he takes good care of his cat
    he talks to his cat, asks him questions, holds his opinion very high
    he has lots of boxes
    these are all very desirable qualities in a mate

    i loved the time lapse! sweet rufus kitty and his BFF!

  63. I love the headbutt part and the final shot of a happy Rufus in his box tower. My cats would LOVE something like that so much that I’d never get them out of it. What a nice cat servent! The kitty overlords and ladies are pleased with this one 😉

  64. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Saffron, love, try rolling over in the middle of the night to find a dead mouse, still in the trap mind you, that your cat managed to yoink out from under the closet door the thing had been caught inside of. Oh, and it left a few little presents too. It may not have been quite dead when she brought it up.

  65. Paige Delaney says:

    I got somefin in my eye

  66. This man has a room in his house entirely devoted to a box tower for his beloved kitty!! And he stops mid-construction to smooch him. This is love. Standing ovation.

  67. AMEN! 🙂

  68. Lol, ‘Parallel Lions’: I love Aussies.

  69. lol

  70. Watched it 5 times. Love it!

  71. OK, how sweet is this? He has to be an architect or engineer. I love my Cipher cat, but would never have the patience to put this together. My favorite bit, though, was when he taped all the boxes so they’d be stable and Rufus would be safe. That just melted my heart.

  72. this is awesome. just awesome.

  73. that is one of the nicest things i have ever seen…HE LOVES HIS KITTY SO MUCH!!!!

  74. Yea he is pretty cute… I am only one of many, many fans though.

  75. Fird Birfle says:

    I concur with the above thoughts. Espesh with the part about having many boxes being a very desirable quality in a male. I have a bit of a Thang for Containers.

    And for Cats, too.

  76. And I thought my cats were spoiled! Well done cat-slave for making up for those terrible ear-dropses – when will the cat-towers be on sale to the general public?

  77. One must dress for the role when doing construction work, no? 😀

  78. I think the cat’s hoomin can consider himself forgiven!

  79. Fabulous box-fort and great accent — I liked the song, too. Someone said above that the music wasn’t on iTunes, but the song and the whole album are available as digital downloads at — just $10 Australian for the album (about $10.75 US) — use a credit card or PayPal. Reminds me of the Garden State soundtrack.

  80. “…And the cat never, ever touched the box tower ever again.”

    From my personal experience, the more effort one puts into building cool stuff for a cat, the less interested in it the cat is! lol

  81. So yes, we love seeing his bootay and yes, we all want to marry him, but was anyone else as turned on as I was with the duct tape in glorious secondary colors used to stabilize Rufus Tower? Love me some purplegreenorange.

  82. Creative devotion . . . Rufus rules! Love the video, drawing, slam action to the wall and choice of decorative tape. Rufus, construction supervisor, requested colors . . . got em. Love it!!

  83. Boxman, i fink i wuv you.

  84. That is fantastic! Rufus, your human rocks!

  85. He really put the c-a-t in dedication.

  86. Fird Birfle says:

    short anser: YES.

    slightly longer anser: here in the drenched precipitated-upon South, I have recently seen for sale in grocery stores, duct tape printed with the symbols from our insanely football-ish universities (FSU, GA, University OF Fla, etc) …..

  87. Hopefully, the kitty will have many days of kitty kat splendor, thanks to his dutiful owner!!!

  88. What a sweetheart of a human companion–Rufus, you’re one damn lucky kit cat! Is your human single?