The C.O. Guide to Musical Food

With a limited range of less than two octaves, the treble cracker is less versatile than, say, the tenor pretzel, yet nonetheless its glistening high notes make it an indispensable instrument in the snackwinds section of any food-based orchestra.

Via Attack of the Cute.



  1. OMG Musical humor, right in my wheelhouse! w
    Waiting for the chapter on Musical Fruit! 😛

  2. Thelonius Chipmunk could nibble the heck out of the treble cracker.

  3. Bean waiting long, Theresa? 😉

  4. I hear that’s coming…..

  5. Oh my goodness, the tiny slicked-back ears!!!

  6. Wish I could find a photo that was in a wall calendar, showing one chipmunk chewing bark and another sniffing a twig. They looked like a two-man jug band.

  7. awww!!!hes hungry:)

  8. I want to join a food-based orchestra!

  9. Womble girl says:
  10. What type of sound does a treble cracker make? Twheat-twheat-twheat!

  11. Now I have an urge to go read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang again.

  12. standing O!

  13. Are treble cackers made from quadrotriticale grain?

  14. I don’t know, but they sound great when blowing the 8 barley blues.

  15. Oh, NOMTOM, will you marry me? You always amuse and never cease to amaze. Thank you.

  16. You’re darn tootin’. 😛

  17. That chipmunk is a real shredder. 😛

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    LOVE THE non-text hovernotes!!! We cannot accurately call it “hovertext” in this instance!!!

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    EHN lady, git to the END OF the line, about two earth’s circumferences, back.

    And THAT’s only IF the present Mrs. Mike ceases to exist (G-d forbid) !!!

    (PS: I’m only being playful, not truly meaning disrespect,
    to either you or to the present Missis Mike)

  20. Hovertune? I think this is my most favoritest hover(whatever) ever. 🙂

  21. NTMTOM, it’s been said many times before, but it can’t be said enough–YOU ARE A FREAKIN’ GENIUS!!!!!!!! WHERE is that coffee table book?!

  22. I don’t know if this will work … it’s Ernie Suggs and his all-vegetable chorus from The Muppet Show:

  23. I know I’m at the back of the line, but a girl can dream. And Mike can write.

  24. bookmonstercats says:

    One of our slightly more bonkers orchestra members (him, not the orchestra) plays Saint-Saens “The Swan” on his viola with the aid of soft fruits. Not in the middle of a public performance of, say, Haydn’s “Paukenmesse” though . That would be, like, plain silly.